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With Love, From Wakanda: “Show him who you are!” | A Powerful Command From The Queen Mother.

The Queen has spoken! The Queen's position is powerful in that she has the capacity to move and have authority at any angle and in any direction. The Queen is a Teacher. A Wise Woman. A Warrior. A Mother. God in Feminine Form. The movie, Black Panther, has been by far, one of the most anticipated movies in Black Culture and Black Excellence. Rightfully so. “Wakanda,” a Kingdom of Africa, depicts a place where both indigenous traditions are honored and respected while new technological advances are innovated and celebrated. The movie had my attention from the very beginning. What really heightened my emotions and got me even more energetically engaged was the scene where T’Challa was challenged by M'Baka during the crowning ritual ceremony. The fight was intense having me on the edge of my seat. Intellectually I knew that the almighty Panther would not be defeated. However, my heart was fully intuned and felt every blow, hit, kick, and fist that each man, bold and brave in their own right, felt. At one point in the challenge, just a slight millisecond, it appeared that T’Challa was getting tired, weary even. The screen scans to his mother, Queen Ramonda and she yells, "Show him who you are!” I almost jumped up out of my seat. I yelled in excitement, pumping my fist in the air, repeating the same words at the screen, "Show him who you are!” Those words sent chills through my body. No not chills. Rather a power surge. A bolt of lightening. It flipped a switch reminding me to stand in the Divine Truth of who I Am! During challenging times in our lives we can get weary. Tired. Frustrated. We can get so worn down by disappointments and feelings of despair. Within us is a King. A Queen. The God Essence. We have the perfect balance of masculine and feminine energy. We come from a lineage of warriors, peace makers, fighters, creators, and no shit takers.

We must REMEMBER who we are and show up in the world as that! Courageously. Authentically. Powerfully. We are excellent in our own right. We are intelligent and bonafide genius. We are a creative and force to be reckoned with.

When the enemy coming in like a flood,


When you feel like you want to give up,


At any given moment, know that you can call in the Queen that is within you. The crown of your head is blessed. You wear a crown even when you don't wear a crown.

Photo Courtesy of Marvel Cinematic Studios