February 27, 2018



There is power in writing.

There is freedom in releasing the words of your heart.

There is divine healing found in forgiveness work and giving birth to your story.  

Through my own healing journey, I tapped into my inner guidance coming face to face with the emotional and mental trauma that played a big part in me living less than my authentic self.  Out of fear, I had buried and suppressed my emotions.  Through writing I could be free and and say what I needed to say. Those words that got stuck in my throat and couldn't make their way out of my mouth, made their way on to paper.  Writing helped me to heal my trauma, tell my truth and not stay stuck there. 


This is how The COURAGEOUS VOICES Project  was born.


Now I support women just like YOU  in RECONNECTING to their own courageous voice!   

Through unique coaching sessions, journaling, guided meditation and asking the deep questions, I support these courageous women by facilitating a journey of self-exploration, healing, and releasing their story.  For us, writing demonstrates the COURAGEOUS ACT of STANDING IN and SPEAKING OUR TRUTH!


Join a community of courageous women sharing their courageous voices in The COURAGEOUS VOICES Project.


Share your story with the world, giving other women the courage to share theirs!    


If you're ready to publish your book or be a part of an anthology, read more about The COURAGEOUS VOICES Project and let's take this journey together!


Towards Being Courageous,





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