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3 Powerful Steps to Create and Attract Our Reality by Writing Sacred Intentions.

Intention Creates and Attracts Our Reality

"The secret to the power of intention is in thinking and acting the same as the all-providing Source from which all originates. It's all providing, and I choose to be a provider, too. The more I give of myself and all that flows to me, the more I see flowing back to me." The Power of Intention Wayne Dyer.

The Universe loves when we write what we desire. There is a magical powerful that flows from our pen to the paper. It is in that exchange that we create and attract our reality.

What do SACRED INTENTION STATEMENTS do for us? 1. Sets the tone, direction and boundaries of relationships. 2. It energizes and supports you being accountable. 3. It mentally and emotionally fuels you toward your outcome 4. Gives you permission to ask for specific results. 5. It is a bold declaration of courage and commitment

Setting CLEAR and MEASURABLE intentions aligns our consciousness to attract what we declare, while moving our minds beyond self limiting thoughts and beliefs.

A deeper level intention is sacred as it goes below the surface and it rests on both our THOUGHTS and our FEELINGS. This is in essence how the Law of Attraction operates. It's a both/and formula.

The components of a deeper level intention are FOUNDATION, DECLARATION, and the DESIRED EXPERIENCE/FEELING.

Example: It is my loving and heartfelt sacred intention (foundation) to be open to receive all energetic messages and be willing to look at Self for the answers (declaration) so that I experience a deeper spiritual connection and express peace and authenticity in the world (desired experience).

You can also go a step further to stay focused on the agreement you made with you yourself and the Universe. Using the example above, to hold myself accountable I commit to:

1. I will read one page of the 30-Day Mental Diet each morning and practice the principle throughout the day. I will continue this exercise consistently for 90 days.

2. I will monitor my responses and reactions throughout the day and affirm my openness and willingness to explore Self whenever I feel an upset.

3.I will take a deep breath and count to 10 before I respond in any upsetting experience.

Your sacred intentions can be anything that you desire...Money, Love, a New Career, or anything that you want to create and attract to you. Be mindful that doubt or unbelief is counterproductive. Belief that you will receive what you have intended, visualize yourself receiving it, and cultivate the feeling you'll have when it manifests. Even if you don't believe it all the way just yet, continue to work with yourself and the Universe will handle the rest.

I encourage you to practice writing intention statements and accountability markers.

Be sure to journal your experiences!