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8 Powerful Steps to Manifesting Sacred Intentions in the New Moon Energy


Hello Beloveds,

The Law of Attraction is based upon both thought and feeling. Many times, the feeling component is missing. In order to manifest our sacred intentions, and attract that which we want to come to us, we must have a feeling attached to our intention. It may be beneficial for you to read my post, 3 Powerful Steps to Create and Attract Our Reality by Writing Sacred Intentions before getting started with setting your sacred intentions!

1. Gather your journal and favorite pen.

The Universe loves when we write our intentions and what we desire to manifest. There is miracle working power that flows from the pen onto to your page.

2. Choose a space where you will be uninterrupted.

Setting up a space that has minimal traffic and where you can have uninterrupted time to be creative will be most support for this ritual. In this space, fill it with items that will make it personal like candles, essential oils, or a favorite plant.

3. Clear yourself and your space before you begin your sacred ritual.

Life happens and everyday we may encounter different energies. I offer that you smudge yourself and clear your space by burning sage, lemongrass or another energy clearing herb. You can also place rock salts in the four corners of your space. Say a prayer invocation before you clear the space and you may also say a prayer during the smudging process. My blog on The Sacred Art of Smudging may also be a good resource to learn ritual of smudging and clearing.

4. Practice Silence for at least 5 minutes.

The practice of silence is really important as the energy flows throughout the manifesting process. Practicing silence allows you to quiet your internal dialogue and connect to your divine higher self. The key is to set the intention before you begin your practice of silence so that you will be clear and guided by your intuition. Silence will align your mind to Divine Mind and your spirit to Divine Spirit.

5. Open Your Heart to Give and Receive "Innergetic" Messages.

During the New Moon, the energy is high and it's a time for planting and rebirthing. Open your heart and allow yourself to give and receive the love of energetic messages that are flowing. I like to call it "innergetic" because we are calling forth and attracting what is within. Be open to learning about yourself with non-judgment and compassion. Self-reflection with gentleness and grace. The same non-judgment, compassion, gentleness, and grace that you extend to yourself, extend that energy to others. It is a cycle that gains momentum when it is unbroken. If either side of the give an receive relationship stops, it will stagnant and die. The give and receive relationship with you and the Universe is vital. Be responsible for the energy you send out and the energy you receive.

6. Dream and Visualize Big

Allow yourself to dream really BIG! Visualize yourself everyday being, doing, having, what you have set your intention for. See, feel, and imagine yourself in the very thing that you desire. Get clear and be carried away by your vision. See it as so. Speak it as so. Behave as if it's so.

7. Trust Your INtuition

It is natural to have some doubt arise or even judgments during the process. Know that you are powerful and moment by moment you can make the choice to reframe the thoughts of your mind to be more supportive. Trust your intuition and be guided by that. You intuition is your lifeline.

8. Journal the Process

As the energy of the new moon flows, pay close attention to your own energy, emotions, and moods. Be intentional about your day and how you desire to show up. Take note of your feelings, mood changes, or any heightened or lowered emotions you may experience. Know that you are in a shift and planting new seeds with your intentions. Breathe and reflect. Your journal will serve as a visual journey of where you began and a celebration of all that you've become.

After the flow of a New Moon, you will notice a new level of peace and calm within your entire being.. Don't be alarmed when your intentions begin to manifest, sometimes almost instantly.That's the magic of your written words and the power of your "feels!"

Good work, Beloveds.

Happy Manifesting!

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