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Event: MEDITATION & MasterPeaces! - August 25th, 6-8pm, Columbia, SC

Meditation is a sacred healing practice that taps into your DIVINE CREATIVITY!

Painting is another form of meditation that can deeply garner self reflection and INNER PEACE.

MEDITATION and MasterPeaces! creates a safe space to merge both in

breathing in love and exhaling art!

You are a Unique, Signature Expression of the I AM principle and in this class, you have the opportunity to share it on canvas! A special design has been commissioned just for this class!

Guided Meditation will be facilitated by Schan Ellis with

Guided Art Healing will be facilitated by Art Influencer, Chakalah O. Crawford with

Tickets are on sale NOW!

August 25th, you do not want to miss! From 6-8pm, we will go on a journey of

surrender, self-reflection, and sacred soul creating!

2627 Millwood Avenue, Ste A3

Columbia, SC 29205

To keep an intimate environment, only 20 seats available!

Registration CLOSES at 11:59pm August 24th!

Check out a few, beautiful pieces from Chakalah and get ready for a night to remember!

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