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Are You Really Listening?

I confess I've been an inauthentic listener. I can hear every few word and piece together enough the story to respond with a suitable answer.

Does this sound like you?

What purpose does that really serve? It actually does a disservice to the person who has made a choice to share their thoughts with you and it does us a disservice because we are not being authentic.

Ask yourself if you show up like this in the world...half hearing?

"Half hearing" impacts relationships in a very significant way.

Every wo(man), no matter her condition or life experiences, has a right to be heard. A spiritual tool you can use to HEAR is called Conscious Listening. This means that you are listening without having thoughts in your mind about what you want to say and how you are gonna snap back.

Conscious Listening requires you to 1. Be present in mind and spirit 2. See beyond behavior and see at their best 3. Listen with an open heart w/o expectations 4. Be non-judgmental in your body language 5. Verbally express that you hear them by speaking back what they’ve said.

Conscious Listening will not only get you heard it also opens the door to compassion and a willingness to resolve issues in a loving way.

How will you commit to being a more conscious listener?

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Remember the Power of Healing Is In Our Hands,



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