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Discovering the World Within

One of my favorite ways to release creative energy is to write guided meditation scripts. Meditation is a very big part of my daily spiritual practice because it allows me to silence the mind and tap into my Divine Higher Self. It also allows me to do self-inquiry while I’m in this state of high consciousness. An inquiry is a question or series of questions spoken within to the authentic self within. The self that does not wear masks or hold judgments. Self-inquiries support us in knowing ourselves so that we can transform anything that withholds us from living our best life. Our best life is an authentic life. Our best life is standing in our truth and being able to express our truth. Our best life is showing compassion while cultivating inner peace and joy. al philosophies and psychological applications. Guided meditation allows us to explore the world within seeing our own internal landscapes. I’m so excited that for 7 consecutive weeks, I get to play in my passion by creating guided meditations for our My Write to Heal class. This class is designed to take each woman on an inner healing journey to explore who she is, how she shows up in the world and transform herself through self-awareness, self-development, and self-healing. If you are ready to explore who you to discover yourself in a new way, it's not too late to join us! Click HERE to get started. Here is the guided meditation from our first week, BEING WOMAN Healing - Emotional Body Scan.

The intention of the Emotional Body Scan meditation is to support you in becoming aware of where you hold energy in your body. When you aware, you're able to interrupt patterns of beliefs and behaviors that drive you to live less than your authentic self! Each week of the class you'll get a new meditation delivered right to your inbox! Register now at this LINK and begin your journey. Remember the Power of Healing Is In Our Hands,

Sincerely, Schan

Your BEING WOMAN Healing Coach

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