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Head Blessings: 7 Sacred Steps in Blessing Your Head Each Day

You, consecrated and made holy, are also an altar. Each morning I bless my head as a ritual to bless the functions of my being. The Head Blessing Ritual became so powerful that I noticed a significant difference on the days that I performed the ritual and the days that I did not. Miracles were frequently and the more evident on the days I blessed my head. My first encounter with head blessings was in the 6th grade at Immaculate Conception Catholic School. During mass service, the priest would come by and bless the head of all the children. At the time, I didn’t know the sacredness of this practice. The next

time I experienced head blessings was at church when I would go to the altar for prayer. The pastor or ministers would sometimes place the palm of their hand on my forehead and top of my crown. Still, I didn’t under the significance of the head blessing. It wasn’t until I was introduced to Yoruba spirituality which taught that the head is honored as the seat of God consciousness. The head is how the spirit enters and leaves the body so always it should be protected, respected, and honored. A daily or minimum weekly head blessing along with your daily spiritual practice will support you in experiencing spiritual growth and evolution. The following blessing is one that I learned from my journey at Inner Visions Institute for Spiritual Development.

You'll need:

  • a new, small glass vessel with a covering (I use a small 250ML mason jar).

  • spring water or water that has been energetically charged by a full moon.

  • a quiet, uninterrupted space

  • sacred essential oils such as rosemary, sage, eucalyptus, lavender or whatever speaks to your spirit.

Pour your water into the clean mason jar and add one drop of oil. Upon rising in the morning and before speaking to anyone, perform your head blessing. Using your index and middle fingers from both hands, dip them into the water vessel after each blessing. Clean and dry your vessel once a week.

  1. Place your fingers in the middle of the forehead and move them back to the nape of your neck declaring: "I bless the Spirit of my head."Dip your fingers again, place them at the top of your crown, drawing down both sides towards your ears declaring: “I bless the spiritual energy of my head."

  2. Dip your fingers again, place them in the middle of your forehead drawing them across the top of your head down the back to the base of your neck declaring:

“I bless the masculine energy of my head.”

“I bless the feminine energy of my head.” “I bless the energy of the child within me.”

“I bless all the identities I have assumed since the beginning of time.”

Now you will bless each part of your head in the following order. Again, dipping your fingers before each blessing.

  • Forehead (Third Eye) - Place your fingers beginning in the middle of your forehead and draw them out to the side declaring: “I bless the gift of spiritual vision. May I see and know the truth of my own life.”

  • Eyes – Stroke each eye gently outward. (If you’re using oils, be careful not to get it into your eyes) declaring: “I bless my eyes so that I may see clearly according to the Will of God.”

  • Nose – Stroke each nostril from top to bottom, feeling the breath on your fingers declaring: “I am grateful for the breath of life that reminds me that I am fully connected to the Source.”

  • Ears – Stroke each ear from front to back declaring: “I bless my ears. Let me follow the guidance of Spirit and give praise for the blessing of Spirit.”

  • Mouth – Stroke your lips from the center outward declaring: “I bless my mouth. Let me speak the truth of Spirit always, affirming the guidance of Spirit.

  • Face – Stroke the outline of your face in a circular motion, from the center of your forehead to your chin declaring: “I bless my unique identity. Let me be a full and blessed expression of the Divine Creator”

  • Bless Your Entire Head – Draw your fingers across the top of your head down the nape of your neck and then drawing down the sides of your head and jawline declaring: “Let there be light. Let there be light. Let there be light!”

Here is a video of Head Blessing Demonstration Video that will give you a visual of this sacred ritual. Every day, set an intention to bless your head. Journal what comes up for you and notice any differences in your day when you bless your head as compared to the days you don't.

Remember, Beloved, that healing is in our hands!



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