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Rest, Renew, Release: Why It's Important for Women to Slow Down!

Rest in this day and age is considered a luxury. Many of the women I meet feel guilty for taking a nap or sleeping for more than a few hours a day. Our minds get so hurried with what to do next with the husband, with the children, or with our jobs, which leaves little to no room for our own personal "woosah" time or even time to grab a drink with the girls.

Some have challenged me by saying "How can I rest when I have babies, bills, and a boatload of stuff to do?!!!!" My challenge to them is "Why not?" Who really owns your time? Have you given it away to people, places and things outside of yourself, or have you created healthy boundaries and intentional self care plans for yourself?

Rest is essential to our well being. PERIOD. It allows us to recuperate. Pushing ourselves will lead us to physical ailments like tension headaches, stiff necks, and even digestive problems. Little or lack of rest also puts a strain on us mentally and emotionally which inevitably affects our spiritual well being. A lack of rest turns us topsy-turvy inside, makes us irritable, and gives way to a breakdown.

Breakdowns, in the most basic definition, is an interruption to our wholeness. When we are whole our bodies function properly, we have inner peace, and balance. When we are in breakdown, we can experience anxiety or panic attacks, post traumatic stress, short-temperedness, and the like.

Have you experienced breakdown?

I’m really to bet you have along with every single woman reading this message, including myself!

So what can you do about it?

Be intentional about getting rest.

Be intentional about renewing your mind.

Be intentional about releasing the bullshit.

Revisit the question, "Does your time belong to you?"

When it does we can make a commitment to ourselves to give every part of who we are proper self-care.

Some quick techniques to incorporate are:



Sitting in silence

A quick nap

Going to a bookstore or coffee shop by yourself

Sitting in the car on your lunch break and listen to inspirational music

Having dinner with girlfriends, laughing, giggling, and allowing yourself the space to play

When we don't give ourselves this time to "rest, renew, and release," we internalize the negative emotions, feelings, and energy which cause us to lose touch with our bodies.

Everyday, commit to giving yourself some time to just be.

I have teamed up with Angel A. Onley-Livingston, Licensed Therapist, to bring an empowering retreat that will facilitate a 3-day journey of learning self-healing techniques, collective prayers, spiritual rituals, play therapy, and much more to rest, renew, and release! This is a demonstration of what it means to create a village of sisters who come together, learn together, heal together, and grow together.

Join us at the Rest, Renew, & Release, a soul healing retreat for every part of your being, the Body, Mind, Soul, and Spirit .


Your BEING WOMAN Life Coach

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