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Creating Your Life with the Power of Choice!

“Your life is a sacred contract. The contract includes the element of choice. You have complete choice about whether to view the provisions of the contract as blessings or as burdens. You may choose to delay meeting the terms of the contract but you cannot avoid them altogether.” ~ Caroline Myss

Our power of choice either moves us forward, pushes us back, or keep us stagnant and stuck.

We are responsible for the unfolding and evolving of our lives through our choices.

What is CHOICE?

It is simply the right and power to select.

Every relationship that we have, including the ones with ourselves,

is out of the power of our choice.

We teach others how to interact and engage with us by choosing how we carry ourselves, express ourselves, and create boundaries for ourselves.

Choosing puts creation in motion.

Choice is a focused intention that provides the creative energy at the foundation of all action. Without choice, we are at a standstill. At the "standstill" we run the risk of becoming stagnant, unproductive, and self-incapacitate ourselves to evolve and grow.

Many of us are afraid of making the wrong choice.

Let me be clear. In the essence of it all, there is NO WRONG CHOICE!

Everything in our lives is there for our learning, healing, loving, and living better.

When we make a choice, we get to see the consequences and benefits of our choice. If we so desire, we can MAKE ANOTHER CHOICE!

Our data bank of choice is unlimited.

When we activate and operate in our POWER OF CHOICE, we:

1. Create our Reality.

2. Manifest our Beliefs

3. Override any Limitations

By choosing we are telling the Universe that we say yes to those things we DO WANT and no to those things we DO NOT WANT. Choice is directly linked to and manifests whatever it is we believe. Whatever is held in our conscious awareness, whatever we believe about ourselves, life, and the world will influence or governs choice.

However, by making a new, conscious choice, we can override limiting beliefs which have been producing a merry go round of undesirable experiences

I wrote a self reflecting piece about choices and cutting my hair. Read the article and see if you have some aha moments in your life about the choices you are now willing to make.

Remember, your choice matters!

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