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7 Meditation Apps to Help You Calm Your Mind.

Meditation really helped save my life! The more I developed my meditation practice, the more I was able to tame run away thoughts. I experienced more inner peace and could hear the voice of my own intuition more clearly. 

Meditation can be done almost anywhere! Lying in bed, walking in the park, riding on the train, or wherever you can find time to get still. These apps, which can be found on Apple or Google Play, can now make it easier to help you calm your mind and get centered starting your day, during your day, and closing your day! 

MEDITATION STUDIO  Get dozens of guided meditations and mindfulness exercises to improve focus and clarity. 


Offers a wide range of guided meditations, sleep stories, breathing techniques, and much more to lower stress and anxiety as well as to promote peaceful sleep. 


Decompress and calm mind through transforming your meditation practice from experiments to habits. This app offers both guided and unguided meditations, breathing exercises, and customized calming background sounds. 


The winner of APPLE’S 2018 “Best App Award” for daily videos and meditations from cool teachers, along with mindfulness practices for eating, relationships, work and more. 


Calling it’s self the world’s first drop in meditation studio, with celebrated teachers and curated playlists. This app offers meditation to meet, soothe and balance whatever your mind needs.


Bedtime meditation stories at its best, with music and calming nature sounds. This app also has sleep tracks, masterclasses, and hypnotherapy sessions to de-stress and deal with life’s challenges.


Let go of stress with mindfulness techniques to promote calm, wellness, and balance in your life. The app also offers sessions teaching how to increase the happiness and clarity that we all desire.

I really teaching and practicing meditation. 

Try one of these apps and let me know what you think!

Find your bliss.

Discover your JOY in the JOurneY!

Sincerely, Schan

“The Joyful Soul”