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If You Desire True Friends, Ditch The Lie That You Don’t Need Them!

Growing up I heard Mama say, “You don’t need no friends!” I so get it. This was her way of comforting me when my feelings were hurt. It was her way of teaching me to be independent and to rely on myself. The flip side is that it planted a seed. A seed that having “good friends,” the ones who genuinely cared without hidden agendas was far-fetched. The truth of the matter is, I really enjoy having friends. I need my friends. I want these people in my life to hold me accountable, to cut up with, cry with, connect with, call and just laugh about anything with. I’m grateful that I relinquished the limiting belief of “I don’t need nobody” and opened myself up to the “friends” idea. Exploring the possibilities, I’ve cultivated some beautiful, long lasting, relationships with some remarkable women. Many talk about wanting friendship and sisterhood, but carry the energy of “I don’t need no friends” or “I don’t trust nobody” and that’s exactly what manifests. A life that is closed off to making authentic connections with people. Bona fide friends are real. We have the power to create that when we BE that. 💜