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12 Mantras to Inspire the “Mother Spirit”!

Did you catch “Mother Spirit?” 😍 That was deeply intentional! Yes, I do know that today is a day that the world typically celebrate women who have given birth to children, however I believe that we all have a “Mother Spirit” no matter our gender or if we birth naturally or in spirit. When I pray, I always begin with Mother/Father God. I do that to give reverence to both the Feminine and Masculine energy of the Divine Creator and the same spirit that is also within me. To me, “Mother Spirit” means to be nurturing, compassionate, cultivating, nourishing, and all of the meticulously soft care that goes into inner and outer development. This energy is something we can all tap into and is very necessary as we learn, heal, and grow on our journey. On that journey while we innately care for others, we must take care of ourselves. One way we can do that is through the power of the words we tell ourselves. Our inner conversations have so much influence over how we feel and inevitably how we show up. When repeated, these words of affirmation are called mantras. In Sanskrit, “Man” means mind, and “tra” means free from. Together, mantra means to “free your mind.” You can free your mind from any thought that sides not support you! Below are 12 of those mantras I’ve written and use to inspire my spirit. Over this week, choose 1, 2, or all the mantras below to raise your vibration and shift your beliefs. 1. I be enough, I do enough. I have enough of all I need. 2. I breathe in love and I release fear. 3. I am a cultivator of all that is light. 4. At all times, under all circumstances, in every situation, I matter. 5. Peace belongs to me; I allow myself to receive it. 6. I give myself permission to rest and sleep when I need it. 7. I honor myself by making choices that support my highest good. 8. I appreciate myself for who I am and what I offer. 9. I lovingly nurture and nourish myself first. 10. I give myself grace. 11. I awaken and lean into the divine joy within myself. 12. I am a unique, creative expression of Divine Source; all that Source is, I am. The more you speak them to yourself, the more you’ll shift into being what you speak! 💜💫🤩 Let me know how it goes! Love, Schan

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