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Do You Trust Yourself? Learn How to Start by Strengthening Intuition.

Let me just go right ahead and confess...

There was a time that I could not trust myself! In fact, my prayers almost always included some form of, “God you remove people and things from my life because I don’t trust myself do it.” 

I had learned that through the history of not following through on what I said I was going to do. What I wanted to do and what I knew to do did not line up with what I actually did do. I was too afraid to make the choice so I relinquished my power and played the role of “helpless” instead. 

The biggest lesson here is that...

I KNEW what to do. 

I KNEW which choice to make. 

I KNEW what was not for my highest good. 

However because of fear...

Fear of making the wrong choice.

Fear of assumed consequences.

Fear of perceived judgments.

... I went against what I KNEW to be the right path for me. 

The memory of choices we’ve made that didn’t turn out well can have an affect on trusting if we act like we don’t know what we know.  

The beauty of it is that you DO KNOW. Your INNER GUIDE is a valuable resource that supports you in making the best choice for your HIGHEST GOOD. Practice listening to that grinding in your gut or that flutter in your chest when you need to know which way to go. Your intellect can stray you. Trust your intuition to guide you. 

Here are Some Tips for Cultivating Trust: 1. Develop a daily spiritual practice. 2. Use your breath to shift out of fear. 3. Cultivate the ability to see every experience as an opportunity to grow.

4. Practice releasing all thoughts that are not loving. 5. Accept that we attract people into our lives to reflect something in ourselves that  we need to see, learn, or transform.

6. Move beyond judgments to a place of compassion for ourselves and others.  7. Align all thoughts, emotions, and behavior with your inner knowing/intuition.  8. Appreciate and extend grace to yourself in the process. 

Can you think of any others? Continue to add to your tips and put them into practice. Trust is a very key part to living a peaceful, harmonious, joy-centered life. It is the mission of your intuition to get you there.

Remember healing is in our hands.

Love, Schan

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