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Cultivating Healthy Relationships by Getting Clear About What They Mean to You.

"Relationships" are one of those words that are used loosely and frequently, but do we really have an understanding of what relationships mean? What value do they hold? What does it takes to keep them healthy?

Relationships aren't something that just haphazardly happen. Especially healthy ones. Relationships are created. They are intentional. They work when there is compassion, understanding, and a willingness to see the highest vision and do what is necessary to manifest it every single day.

Relationships involve humans...beings. People who come with their own individual life experiences, filters, and emotional traumas. Beings who love differently, think differently, and speak a language that may have to be decoded.

Relationships are like seeds. The vision of the relationship is like the plant, the tree, or the fruit that grows from those seed. In order for the seed to grow into a healthy, good, juicy life, it must be nourished and nurtured. It must me treated carefully and gently. Different seeds have it's own set of care instructions. You must know the seeds or at the very least be patient and willing to learn about them.

Lastly, relationships are three fold.

1. The relationship you have with your Creator. Staying connected to this Source is a viable way to see yourself and to get the divine guidance you need in order to see the loving essence in yourself as well as others. This relationship will also support you in taking the conscious committed steps to create and cultivate a healthy relationship outside of yourself.

2. The relationship you have with yourself. Knowing who you are, what you do, and how you do is essential before you can create a meaningful relationship with someone else. As mentioned above, we all come with our own unique life experiences and emotional baggage. Yep, baggage. The kind that must be unpacked, examined, explored, and put away in it's proper place. The relationship you have with yourself, is a reflection of the one you have with Source.

3. The relationships you have with others. The relationships you have with others are only as healthy as the one you have with yourself. In all of your outside relationships, you are the common denominator. To create healthy relationships, it takes willingness to your self and to be responsible. Responsible means that you are response-able. You have the ability to respond in an appropriate manner. When you have done the inner work yourself, you'll be able to support in cultivating healthy relationships through compassion, effective communication, boundaries, and more.

As you see, there are layers to the health and vitality of relationships.

  • The one you have with others is dependent on the one you have with yourself.

  • The one you have with yourself is dependent upon the one you have with Source.

In order for anything to work in your life, you must know what it looks like, feels like, smells like, tastes like, and sound like.

How do you define "Relationship" in your life?

In your journal, write down the vision you have for your each of your relationship categories. For example, in your relationship with God or Source...what does it look, feel, smell, taste, and sound like. Do this for the relationship with yourself and how you envision your relationship with others.

Relationships are a "hot-bed of healing." It is where we learn the most about ourselves...if we are willing. Relationships bring to the surface the parts of us that we want to keep hidden. However, when we do the work, those hidden places become healing spaces.

Beloveds...always remember, that your relationships matter.


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