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Courage: The “Must Do” Motivator

#Courage: The ability to act and take action in ways that defy or challenge current perceptions, judgments and limited beliefs is Courage is sometimes defined as, “The ability to do what you know you must do before you are forced to do it.” There was a time I was so afraid of closed in spaces. Elevators, planes, closets, all of it. They all reminded me of coffins and I feared I would be locked in and no one could hear or save me. I needed to be seen. I needed to be heard. This fear became my teacher in trusting the processes of life. Either I was going to stay paralyzed and confined to the proverbial box, or free myself by tapping into my inner authority to experience the fullness of life. Even if the energy of fear comes, I know now that I can take a breath, trust, and surrender, knowing that I am supported by the whole Universe. I am a part of it all and there is nothing the Divine ALL within me cannot do. This is me going into a cave built by Lucayan Indians in the Caribbean. Hearing the history and feeling the energy of these powerful people was well worth it. Again, I am a part of it all. What fear are you willing to breathe out to start living the best expression of yourself? Sincerely,