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You Are the CREATOR of Your Own Life Story

Hello Sunshines! Who do you know that triggers YOUR feelings of "pissedoffossity"? Who in your life always has an opinion about what you should or shouldn't be doing? These are the folk that will lead you to lose your mind...IF YOU ALLOW THEM TO! You have the POWER to CREATE the life that YOU want to live, not what anyone else wants to create for you. Whatever circumstances, situations or PEOPLE that manifest in your life, you can use their presence to your benefit by asking, "What is the message in this for me?" THIS, Beloveds is how you begin creating your OWN life story and not just roll with the one chaos and confusion can offer you. WHAT I KNOW NOW By making the choice to ASK the question, it sets the ball in motion to begin examining your feelings, your thoughts, what pisses you off, and the "whys" of trusting someone else's opinions over your own inner guidance. You are responsible for what you create. When you take ownership, it places the power in your hands to respond appropriately and to shift gears to create the life you want. At ALL times, under ALL circumstances and in ALL situations, it's ALL about YOU! Ownership leads to beautiful creations. ♥️ xoxo ♥️ Inspiring Growth. Awakening Greatness. Ready to learn spiritual laws principles, practices, manifest a new life? Tap in here >>> Love,  


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