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Do the Work, Before It Does You!

When we carry the heavy baggage of unprocessed pain, sooner or later it will unpack itself...and we may not be ready.

When we are not ready, we respond inappropriately. We may lash out or retreat compounded the unaddressed issues with unhealed emotions and trauma.

Trauma these days seems to be the new "it' word, however it is a VERY REAL word especially when we do the work to heal ourselves or seek help in the healing process.

Let's define trauma. Trauma is SEVERE mental or physical pain. It is agony, anguish, a blow to our body, mind, soul, and body. It is confusion, suffering, or disturbance to our natural state of being which is wholeness, wellness, peace, and love. If you have experienced anything that has disrupted who you naturally are, you have experienced trauma.

When we don't process the pain and unpack this trauma, it builds and creates layers and layers of energetic disorder and dis-ease within the body.

Everything is energy. If this negative energy is not cleared and transmuted, it will express itself in bad attitudes, anger people-pleasing, lack of personal integrity, and even illness.

Some of us have been holding on to pain so long that we've forgotten what caused it. While others are aware of exactly what caused it, but are afraid or unwilling to acknowledge it. This unwillingness can come from fear of abandonment, rejection, physical or mental abuse, or even anger from being mistreated. Often these fears are attached to a childhood wounding experience. As long as it stays hidden within us and without a voice, we believe we're ok. After all, we're now adults, right? This if furthest from the truth. When we withhold in any way, we are not ok. We are re-living and acting out the childhood wound in an adult body and mind. This means that we have surrendered our power to our emotions and those emotions are liable to explode at any moment!

  1. The first step in healing is awareness.

  2. The second step in healing is acknowledging it. (GIve it a voice. Say it out loud!)

  3. The third step in healing is acceptance. (Accepting what happened without trying to change it)

One way to come into an awareness of pain is through sitting in silence or meditation. This gives our minds a opportunity to settle down so that we can really drop into our bodies. The more quiet and intentional we are, the more our Spirit will guide us to the root cause of the pain. Your Spirit will also guide in you what support you need. Healing doesn't have to be done alone. Don't be afraid or too prideful to reach out to a therapist, spiritual life coach, or even healing circles. Your Spirit will guide you to who is right for you. Listen.

You don't have to carry the pain with you always. You can honor the pain by feeling it, processing it, and releasing it. There is no benefit in holding on to it.

Do the work Beloveds, before it does you. ♥️


If you are ready to heal with a spiritual life coach who has done her work, let's connect for your complimentary session to share your needs or if you're ready to get started fully in your healing process, schedule a healing session with me at

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