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Less Judgment, More Compassion

#SundaySoulWord #Compassion A characteristic of love and mercy through an understanding heart. A compassionate mind sees the error, but does not condemn. A compassionate soul sees the error as a divine opportunity to see itself. My lesson in this came through examining anger. I denied that I was angry for a looooong time because what I believed anger to be was “yelling, cussing people out, slashing tires, or slamming doors.” I didn’t do that so I made up in my mind that “I never got angry,” and judged others who did do it. By doing my own inner work, I discovered that I was in fact angry. I was angry at people lying to me, I was angry when people disregarded me, and I was angry when people tried taking advantage me. Although I didn’t express it like others, mine came out in “giving the silent treatment,” “facial expressions,” “nice-nastiness,” or “swallowing the emotion all together.” Guess what? Anger is still anger! No matter how we express it, it is energetically the same. Through doing my work, I now know how to feel my anger and process it, rather than projecting it. When others express their anger in a different way, I don’t have to judge. I can show compassion. Maybe they haven’t done their work or even know how to begin healing emotional trauma and upsets. They don’t know what they don’t know. JUST. LIKE. ME. Through compassion, I can “place myself in their shoes,” meaning I can show mercy. And if space and opportunity presents itself, it can be a teaching/growing moment for both of us. Just because you don’t express an emotion the same way someone else does, doesn’t mean you don’t or have not felt that same emotion. Moral of the story: Less judgment. More compassion. ♥️ Love, Schan