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New Moon in Leo. Are You Ready to Vibrate Higher?

We are interconnected to all living things. Just like the seasons change, so do we. Just as we breathe, we help other parts of nature breathe. Just like the moon, we go in cycles... ...New Moon cycles, Full Moon cycles. Within the cycles there are phases. For those of us in the Village who are not familiar with the universal energy of the moon and how it affects us, here's some wisdom to support you. During the New Moon, we can set our intention for what we want to create in the next month. In the phases, we nurture, water, and cultivate our soul by releasing what no longer serves us, and receiving all that does. It is in these phases that we pray, meditate, and do the work that heals ourselves. In the Full Moon, everything we’ve sown comes full circle. We recharge and prepare for the phases that will move us again towards the New Moon. It is a cycle that continues to repeat itself approximately every 30 days. The NEW MOON Cycle in LEO begins to make its way on tomorrow, July 31st. There is a particularly deeper shift in the Universe as this moon is also a Super Moon. This means that it’s close to planet Earth. The closer the moon, the more tides are affected by the powerful vibrations of the Moon. Guess what? So are we. During this process, you may experience heightened emotions or sensitivities. No fear, Beloved...Feel your feelings, process them, and let them go. Because we have just left a series of retrogrades, things may be shaken up a bit. Things have changed. We have changed. Sit and reflect awhile before stating your intentions. Clear out the old energy and embrace what’s new in this season. Once you are settled and feel centered, write your intentions, ask for what you really want, and plant seeds to manifest it. The seeds are shifting your thoughts, raising your vibrations, taming your tongue, telling the truth, honoring yourself, healing from the inside out. This is THE WORK. This all apart of BEING. This is all apart of cultivating JOY. This is all about LEARNING, LOVING, HEALING, and LIVING BETTER. ♥ Let's vibrate higher, Babes! Love,

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