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A Balanced Heart Chakra Ignites the Love Experience

“When you touch the celestial in your heart, you will realize that the beauty of your soul is so pure, so vast and so devastating that you have no option but to merge with it. You have no option but to feel the rhythm of the universe in the rhythm of your heart.” ~ Amit Ray

Located: In the center of your chest, corresponding with the heart, lungs, and thymus

Color Association: Pink or Green

The Heart Chakra is where the physical and spiritual come together.

It is said that the heart cannot lie.

In Sanskrit, this chakra is referred to as Anahata which means that "in the heart, no hurt can harm us." The heart is the spiritual place where all grievances are transmuted and transformed by the power of love. How you behave in the world is your personal conduct and is a demonstration of the condition of your heart.

"Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks.”

When the heart chakra is balanced, we operate from a place of  compassion,  love, and forgiveness. However, when the  heart  chakra  is  out of balance, we experience feelings of jealousy, hatred,  and anger. Knowing that what we speak has the power to create, us being aware of what comes out of our mouths is exactly what we give life to. By balancing and clearing our heart, we bring healing to the pains of life, for ourselves and for others.  

Love is the center of  spiritual healing within all of us. 

Love is the highest vibration of all!

Here's five ways you can tap into that LOVE FLOW. 

#5. Raise Your Vibration 

Mantras are an awesome to shift the frequency of our energy.  It sends vibrations through us that elevates our moods and our minds.  The mantra associated with balancing our heart is ‘YAM’. You can chant this to heal both the physical heart and the spiritual (emotional) heart center, which allows an easier flow of compassion and places you in the flow of The Law of Unconditional Love.  

#4. Improve Your Mood 

Meditation is an excellent practice to put you in a good mood and to create inner peace and calm.  Meditating, while envisioning the colors of pink and green surrounding you can give you a spiritual high!   

#3. Speak Sweet Everything's in Your Own Ears

I'm sure you've heard the term, "sweet nothings," however our words have power.  We can whisper "sweet everythings" in our ears and tell ourselves that we love and appreciate who we are.  Positive affirmations are very powerful.  It speaks to our subconscious mind and places the Universe on alert to attract to us the very thing we have affirmed.

Here are some affirmations that I love repeating to myself. Feel free to use these and even add more to your own list!

  • “ I fully embrace and love myself”

  • “ I am completely open to love”

  • “ I am desired and love is always with me”

  • “ I forgive myself and I give love to myself”

  • “ I live in inner peace, balance, and gratitude.

#2. Cue the Music

Music is a natural healer!  Create yourself a playlist of uplifting, empowering lyrics.  Sing like you mean it and dance like you don't care if anybody's watching!  

#1. Love Letters

Writing activates something within us. It provides a safe space for us to be free and authentic in our feelings.  Write yourself a love letter sharing how much you adore yourself.  Go to the mirror and then read it aloud.  You deserve to hear every word of it!

Feel the love and be the love!  


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