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Full Moon in Aquarius: We Have the Power to Transform with Light!

We have the power to transmute and transform that which no longer serves us. What is that power? It is the divine light that we carry in and through us every day. It is through our daily spiritual practice that this light is activated and energized. We have another opportunity to utilize our power in this extraordinary way as the Full Moon rises in Aquarius this month on the 15th. Aquarius is the sign of the humanitarian. It is represented by Woman who represents the healer in all of us and she is carrying a vessel of water. Water is the holder of our heavy emotions, pain, and suffering. Spiritual Wisdom This is why is very important that when we are doing emotional healing or spiritual work, there is a vessel of water present. This will collect energy. After the work, pour out the water. As the frequency of Aquarius is here, we can tap into this natural gift of "water" that we have within us. The water in this instance is our power to tell the truth. We allow our minds to connect with Divine Mind to reconcile healing to ourselves and to our relationships. Whether that be Loveships, Friendships, Familyships, or Workships. We have the ability to take heavy emotions, thoughts, and feelings and transform them into something lighter and more serving. As light beings, carrying emotional weight from our own experiences and from the energetic experiences of others (if you're an empath, you know exactly how this feels), we must keep our hearts clear. It is our responsibility to radiate healing, lightness, and love into the world. We can only do that when our heart chakras are open. Check out the new Village blog post, A Balanced Heart Chakra Ignites the Love Experience. And on August 15th, at 830am est when the moon is at it's fullest, we will have a Collective Self Reflection. Right where you are, simply close your eyes, place your left hand over your heart and your right hand over your left, and smile, breathe love into your heart. If there was any upset before that moment, allow your breath to release it. See, feel, and imagine that as you smile, your heart gets lighter. Each time you breathe, your gratitude deepens. Just imagine the powerful energy we are sending on to the planet when we do this together! Let's vibrate higher, Babes!


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