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Save Yourself, Interrupt the Crazy!

Hey Divine Sunshines!

The #SundaySoulWord for today is #Interruption - to cause a break or discontinuance; interfere with action, speech, or thought

Recently I boarded a plane in Dallas. As we were sitting waiting for takeoff (it was already about 20 minutes past the scheduled time), no one knew what the issue was. All we kept hearing were names being called over the intercom to come to the front. We later found out a woman who checked her bags was not on the plane according to the airline manifest. Because it was an international airport, they couldn’t pull off the runway until they found her. When they finally did, she said she decided not to go. We had to wait again because due to international laws, they had to unload her bags. The captain kept us informed and up to speed every step of the way. Through all of this, I’m cool! Until one person on the planes says, “Yeah, I’m glad they did get her bags because we don’t know what was in it!” That seed thought sent off other thoughts in my head...”What if she’s right?” “It’s mighty strange to check your bags and not get on the plane.” “What if an explosive was in the bag.” I had to interrupt my thoughts or I was headed into a tailspin of anxiety. That’s a real life example how quickly some things happen in our lives. ONE person said something or ONE thing happens that doesn’t feel good, and boom, welcome to “wahalah land,” the place where crazy is amplified! This is the place where we “make stuff up” in our minds, most of it not even true! We must be aware of what’s happening inside of our body and interrupt it BEFORE it gets out of hand. Interruption is a tool we can use to get our mind back in alignment with intuition and out of the dance with fear. Today, make a conscious effort to practice the art of interruption! Love, Schan

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