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When Was the Last Time You Danced?

Whatever care is thrown at me, I pray, I speak life, and I dance right on through it. Dancing has been my natural instinct as far as I could remember. It made me feel good. It shook up energy (before I was even aware of what energy meant). I remember being in middle school and I had this neon bathing suit, black float mini- skit and knee high black boots. I dressed up in, got a hairspray bottle as a microphone, put in music, Lip synced and danced in the mirror! My favorite mirror concerts were Whitney Houston, Shirley Murdock, Stephanie Mills, and Karyn White! 😍 Yep, I was always an old soul. Outside of meditation, dancing is one of my go to’s to get myself back onto the path of conscious sanity...even as a child! How is dancing therapeutic? It not only promotes physical health like flexibility and weight loss, it also works on the inside. It releases signals to the brain to help clear out stuck emotional energy. It encourages new cell growth that promotes memory function. It also makes you feel alive, happy, and lighter! The Rwandan prescription for depression is sun, drums, dance, and community. When someone I feeling emotionally heavy, the community gathers around outside in the sun, play music, and dance! 

Our ancestral tradions and rituals were about togetherness, about sound vibration, and about the healing power of the universe and all of its elements. Here’s a heart assignment for you. ♥️ Create a playlist of motivating, encouraging, uplifting, and upbeat songs. ♥️ Get your “performance outfit” together and a microphone. ♥️ Dress up, press play on your playlist, hit the stage (standing in front of the mirror), and put on the best concert ever!!! It will feel amazing! Trust yourself, throw inhibitions out the freaking door and have some damn fun! Send me some of the songs you chose and I’ll add them to our collective playlist and send it out! I’d also LOVE to see pics of your concert wear! 😍 Love, 

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