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SOULstice Tea: A Spiritual Bath Recipe for Energy Clearing, Consecrating and Creating Calm

No matter what culture or spiritual path, there is always a water element for cleansing and renewal. It is usually done through the washing of feet, being dipped in a pool or body of water made sacred through consecration, and it can even be done right in your shower or bathtub. Taking bath is where of us receive awakened downloads. When we set an intention to cleanse our minds, while we cleanse our bodies, there will be a spiritual spark. The connection between Mind and Body is powerful.

Shifting energy requires ACTION. There are many tools we can use to do that...Practicing silence, meditation, prayer, herb smudging, AND taking a spiritual bath. Shifts happen in our Universe throughout the year. Oftentimes, the energy is intensified and so are our emotions, especially around Mercury Retrograde and solstice months. That's why I whipped up the SOULstice Spiritual Release Bath Tea and Soak.

These spiritual baths are energetically infused with LOVE, PRAYER, and POSITIVE INTENTIONS, and created with... CLEANSING SALTS: Black – Potent removal of negative energy Himalayan – Regulates sleep, relieves stress, encourages inner harmony Sea Salt - Stimulates purification and release of negative toxins ESSENTIAL OILS: Lemongrass – Breaks up emotional and mental hardness Rosemary – Protection against negative energy Cedarwood – Cleansing negative energy and protection against it Peppermint – Invigorates and stimulates the conscious mind. DRIED LEAVES/HERBS Yellow Rose - Supports in opening your heart, and self-love Red Rose – Supports in opening your heart, and self-love Lavender – Promotes calm, peace, and purification Calendula – Inspires optimism, happiness, health, healing, and life vitality Mugwort – Spiritual cleansing, healing, consecration, and intuitive development

I am gifting you this special recipe so that you can begin your very own spiritual cleansing. Or you can order your bottle from our Soul Food Lounge prepared right in our healing lab.

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