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Ways to Take Care of Your Inner Well Being and Create Calm In This Season

There’s no doubt this is a “new” time in our country and across the globe. The developing news and the changes are affecting everyone in different ways, however there are also ways to take care of your inner well being and create calm in your life and the lives of your family.

Repeat after me: "I Am Calm."

Now take a breath and sit in that energy for a moment.

This is a mantra I began saying several weeks ago without knowing what was coming ahead. What came was a sudden panic that took me by surprise when people started telling me to stock up on toilet paper, paper towels, hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes. As I gave them a nice smile, I still didn't know the magnitude of mass hysteria that was brewing. This became real to me, not when business and events started closing and canceling. I was slapped in the face with awareness when I went to the grocery store for a normal shopping trip and there was no food! I mean I kinda didn't expect to see toilet tissue because of the warning I got, but I was legit shocked when there was NO MEAT on the shelves! No beans. No rice. Not even the organic lemon juice and cane sugar my husband uses to make the best lemonade ever! What was left though? Produce! I'll share why that was an important revelation for me later.

We get to create how we experience this!

Not the media.

Not the politicians.

Not anybody but ourselves.

The coronavirus (COVID-19) has disrupted “normalcy” which isn’t necessarily the worst thing. All things work together for the good. In a healing perspective, we can use this time to connect more with our inner selves and loved ones by engaging each other in heart-centered ways, and strengthening our relationships. In practical terms, we can use wisdom in practicing good personal hygiene (washing your hands often, covering your mouth when coughing, don’t put your “dirty body” on the bed before washing first as my Great Grandma use to say ), practicing social distancing, avoiding large crowds, and even self-quarantining if you feel the need.

Essentially, we can use this time as a reminder for ourselves to strengthen the power of our Body, Mind, and Spirit. Could COVID be the call to do that? Could this be the Universe's way of detoxing?Remember disrupting normalcy isn't always a negative thing.

Changes can be overwhelming for some of us, but none of it has to create chaos or judgment. Do what you need to do to take care of yourself. When we don't know what is happening and information is rapidly changing by the day, it can be scary, however we can choose not to live in fear. We can choose not to be the carriers of panic. Instead we can choose to create calm. We can choose to take a breath. We can choose to live in a sense of peace.

Here are some simple steps that you can not only implement now, but continue to do so well after the COVID experience is behind us. Preparation and wellness maintenance can be a way of life well beyond the crisis.

1. Start Your Day with a Spiritual Practice of Prayer and Journaling

Beginning each morning with prayer will support you in being grounded and graced for what you may hear or see throughout your day. One of my favorite prayers is "Mother/Father God, Universal Holy Spirit, All that You Are, I Am." This is to remind myself that I am the fullness of of both masculine and feminine energy. I am divinely guided by the Holy Spirit that dwells within me. Lastly, all of who God is, Light, Love, Power, Joy, Faith, and all that is Good...I am that. When we know that we are expressions of God in the earth, we can face anything and be ok. In your journal, write out what you're feeling and thinking. Nothing is wrong so write from your heart with editing. Then write an affirming mantra that you can repeat throughout the day.

2. Disconnect from Mass Hysteria

Following the social media madness and fear provoking posts can trigger anxiety and huge amounts of stress. Use this time to detox from the media. Give yourself certain times of the day to check in with social media. Use the remaining time of the day to replenish and restore yourself by catching up with a good book, calling a friend you hadn't spoken to in a while, or write a letter to a loved one.

3. Create Life Affirming Conversations

Our words have the power to create. We have the power to partake in conversations with ourselves and with others that are supportive, loving, and promote peace.

4. Choose Healthier Eating Habits

This is a time to focus on our eating habits and implementing healthier food options. The VERY FULL produce stand at the market was my wake up call to eat more whole and live foods. This is a natural, more holistic way to build our immune systems to be able to fight dis-ease and internal dis-order.

5. Move the Energy

One of my favorite ways to move energy, well my two favorite ways, are to walk in nature and the other is to dance. Connecting to nature reminds us that we are connected to the infinite intelligence of life and the Creator of all things. The sun is also a good source of Vitamin D. My other love is dancing. When I hear the drum beat in any song, especially those that are African-centered, it wakes up something in my DNA. Drums create a triad of music, dance, song. Dancing in African tradition is a demonstration of healing and liberation.

6. Rest Your Body, Rest Your Mind

Make sure that you are getting plenty of rest, and by rest, I mean creating the space to get sleep. Sleep is vital in keeping yourself healthy and strong. Sleeping will improve your attitude and ability to be creative and productive. Rest your mind by giving yourself permission to be silent for a certain length of time as well as meditating. Silence and meditation is important to your mental health and opens the path for you to remain calm.

This is the perfect time to create a vision for your life moving forward.

What is that you want to experience now and what it is that you want to experience beyond this season?

Remember, Beloveds, focus only on those things we can control and allowing our faith to fuel us in the rest.

No fear.

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