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Divine Duality: Three Ways to Bring Harmony to Your Masculine and Feminine Energy


No one ever really taught us that we have both masculine and feminine energies within us. As little girls, we were typically taught which one to embrace without a discussion that our spiritual makeup carries both energies.

I get it.

When we don't know we just don't know.

Many of our parents, and even us as parents, are not aware of dual energies, although we show up in them every day and in every situation.

Again, I get it.

Oftentimes, we are taught to ignore the opposing quality or simply are told that we should grow out of it, rather than how to harmoniously work with it.

Don't talk to loud.

Don't climb that tree.

Don't pursue that career.

All those damn don'ts to steer us clear from what is considered "manly."

My God. I get it.

Then we grow up and become women.

We have experiences that may cause us to draw on our masculine energy and in some cases the period of time is extended to the point that we no longer know who to be feminine. All we is how to be tough and get shit done.

This is where the war inside begins to happen.

We stop smiling.

We forget to dream.

We retreat into ourselves.

We don't trust to have healthy relationships.

....and we just keep going with the grind.

As women we may have many identities within us. Some are more masculine energies like the Warrior while others are more feminine like the Nurturer. We must cultivate and balance those relationships within ourselves in order to cultivate and maintain healthy, balanced relationships outside of ourselves.

We must be mindful not to allow the Outspoken Aggressor to show up when the Compassionate Listener is needed.

How the hell do we do that though?

We can find this harmony between our masculine and feminine energies when we take responsibility for our sacred inner relationships.

The relationship we have with ourselves, in ourselves and for ourselves..

1. Practice the Art of Nurturing

One of the strongest feminine characteristics is nurturing life. Whether that's a child's life, a man's life, your friend's life, a pet or a plant's life, we have a level of nurturing capacity that inherent. We reignite and rediscover this inner strength by practicing our expression of it. We can practice nurturing by

  • First holistically nurturing yourself with water, fresh foods, and self care rituals.

  • Encouraging others around you, including people you don't know

  • Implore the power of touch by hugging, cuddling, a hand on the shoulder or high fives.

  • Keep yourself light by clearing your energy in a nightly routine or journaling your thoughts before bed

  • Use your experiences and life lessons to support and encourage others on their life's journey.

2. Welcome Your Feelings and Emotions

In our attempt to protect ourselves and not be vulnerable, we found a defense mechanism. This translates to swallowing or hiding our feelings and emotions. It's not that we haven't tried, but on the occasions we did, we were told to "suck it up" or "you're being too emotional," or "you're weak." Hearing that too many times and we start believing it. The benefit of feelings and emotions is that it supports us in becoming self aware. It can show us our triggers and guide us to make better choices. Expressing emotions and not keeping them bottled up helps us to balance masculine and feminine energy.

3. Be Mindful of Your Whole Self

Ok, sister, this may sound contradicting, however there is no denying that we are a woman. A woman who carries more feminine qualities than a man would. That's just the truth. However, we do have masculine energy. A yin and yang. When we are mindful of our whole selves, and not deny one or the other, we can embrace life in a more holistic. Holistic means that we look at any situation as a whole rather than just zooming in on one aspect of it. When we are willing to see the whole, we can then choose which energy is needed to create the most harmony and that honors the highest good of all involved.

Beloved, your life is in constant motion. When you choose to get in the flow of life, you empower yourself to to choose the energy that serves your highest good, not the one you feel you have not choice but to use. When you feel dis-empowered, being energetically harmonious becomes a problem.

Today, spend some time in your journal by considering what's been going on in your life this week. What energy have you been showing up in the most? How does it make you feel? What conscious steps can you make to create some inner harmony?

Awaken your Divine Feminine Power by embracing your Divine Duality with compassion and non- judgment.


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