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Black Women Returning to Ancestral Wisdom and Ritual

Black women have a rich history of using ancestral wisdom and ritual to connect with the earth and heal themselves and their communities. This practice dates back centuries, and although it seems lost in many circles, it continues to be a powerful tool for empowerment and healing today. This power is still within and many of us are awakening and remembering the divine truth of who we are.

Ancestral wisdom is the knowledge and practices passed down from one generation to the next. In the case of black women, this includes traditional healing practices, such as herbal medicine, spiritual cleansing, and divination. These practices are deeply rooted in African and indigenous cultures and have been used for generations to promote physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being.

Rituals are a way of connecting with the divine and tapping into our inner power. For black women, rituals often involve honoring ancestors, connecting with nature, and invoking the divine feminine. These rituals are a way of reclaiming our power and healing from the trauma of oppression, marginalization, and systems designed to control and conquer us. These rituals, along with many others like energy clearing, mindful eating, rest, and soft living, are all radical acts of self-love and rise against capitalism.

Ancestral wisdom and ritual connect us with the earth and call forth the power to heal ourselves and bring forth healing within our communities. It reminds us of our innate strength and resilience. The power of black women awakening to and using ancestral wisdom and ritual to heal and connect with the earth is a beautiful "stirring up" as the elders would say. This practice is a powerful tool for inspiration, empowerment, and a testament to who we are and the sacred women we come from By continuing to honor our ancestors and connect with the divine, we can create a better future for ourselves and our communities.

With Healing Love & Light,


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