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SAGITTARIUS FULL MOON IN JUNE | Journal Prompts | Connecting with the Divine Feminine

The Sagittarius Full Moon (also know as the Strawberry Moon) is a reminder that women have within them a powerful source of sweetness, softness, nurturing, creativity, and intuition. By tapping into this energy for ourselves, we can co-create and experience a life that is joyful, abundant, and fulfilling. The following are some journal prompts for tapping into Divine Feminine Power during the full moon.

  1. What does the divine feminine mean to you?

  2. How can you connect with your inner goddess during the full moon?

  3. What aspects of your life could benefit from a deeper connection to the divine feminine?

  4. How can you honor and celebrate the feminine energy in yourself and others?

  5. What practices or rituals can you incorporate into your full moon celebration to honor the divine feminine?

  6. How can you embrace the cycles of the moon as a reflection of the divine feminine within yourself?

  7. What messages or insights might the full moon have for you as a woman or feminine being?

  8. How can you use the energy of the full moon to manifest your desires while staying aligned with the divine feminine?

Beloved, remember that you are worthy to experience a continuous flow of peace, ease, and joy.



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