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SAGITTARIOUS FULL MOON IN JUNE | Rituals, Affirmations, & Journal

The Sagittarius Full Moon in June (also called the Strawberry Moon by some Native American tribes) is a powerful time for connecting with your intuition, exploring your emotions, and embracing the power and beauty of being a woman.

In many spiritual traditions, the moon is often seen as a symbol of the goddess, and it is a time when this energy is said to be at its peak. Many women use the full moon as a time to set intentions, practice rituals, or simply take a moment to reflect on their relationship with the Divine Feminine, including affirming their alignment with It.

Here are some powerful Divine Feminine affirmations to anchor your practice.

  • I am connected to the divine feminine energy that flows through the universe.

  • I trust in my intuition and allow it to guide me towards my highest good.

  • I embrace the power of the full moon to release what no longer serves me and manifest my deepest desires.

  • I honor the cycles of nature and allow myself to rest and recharge during this time.

  • I am a channel of love, compassion, and healing energy for myself and others.

As much as speaking affirmations to myself, I love practicing rituals as they help me center me in remembering the Divine Truth of who I Am. There are many rituals that can help connect with divine femininity during a full moon. Some of my favorites include:

  • creating a sacred space,

  • connecting with the earth and sun,

  • meditating on feminine energy,

  • practicing yoga or dance,

  • journaling, and

  • working with crystals or herbs that correspond to the moon's energy.

It's important to find a ritual that resonates with you and your personal beliefs.

The Strawberry Full Moon is a reminder that women have within them a powerful source of sweetness, softness, nurturing, creativity, and intuition. By tapping into this energy for ourselves, we can co-create and experience a life that is joyful, abundant, and fulfilling. The following are some journal prompts for tapping into Divine Feminine Power during the full moon.

  1. What does the divine feminine mean to you?

  2. How can you connect with your inner goddess during the full moon?

  3. What aspects of your life could benefit from a deeper connection to the divine feminine?

  4. How can you honor and celebrate the feminine energy in yourself and others?

  5. How can you embrace the cycles of the moon as a reflection of the divine feminine within yourself?

It is my intention to create space for women to heal every part of themselves, aligning with their femininity, and experience a continuous flow of peace, ease, and joy.

Enjoy the full moon, Beautiful.