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Take Care and Protect Your Aura

Everything is energy.

Your thoughts.

Your feelings

Your words.

Your actions.

Every tangible and intangible, living and non living thing is vibrating at its own frequency, constantly exchanging vibrations. These vibrations, although not visible to naked eye, affect us.

It first affects us by coming in contact with our Aura. Our aura is a halo, an electromagnetic field that surrounds and protects our bodies. Aura isn‘t separate from who we are. It’s an extension of who we are. It is our mind.

Our energy body has seven auric layers, each layer being related to each of the seven major energy chakra (as called in Vedas study) or aritu (as called in Kemetic study). These energy wheels are located along the spine. The auras are also related to the seven colors of the rainbow and are influenced by sound vibrations.

Taking care of your aura

With emotional trauma and upsets, auras can get rips and tears in them. It will also begin disturbing the normal functioning of other levels. Unhealthy auras have dark and murky colors. unlike the bright colors of a clear and consecrated system.

The aura’s health can be maintained through various ways… Energetically, through a regular practice of yoga, meditation, breathwork, sound therapy and Reiki. You can also incorporate ritual spiritual baths or using Florida Water. Here’s a great article I found to give you some insight into the origins of Florida Water, what is it and it’s uses. I’ve also created an amazing energy clearing spiritual bath that you can get here.

You are a Divine Being

Each morning, set an intention to experience wellness. Speak positive affirmations to yourself and visualize your aura bright, whole, and functioning at optimal levels.

Remember, Beloved, your aura is an extension of you!