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What is Meditation?

Before I started my practice of meditation, I believed that meditation was stopping all thought. I believed it was a way to escape and become void or numb to anything and anyone else around me. Oftentimes, the practice became frustrating or I felt guilty for not "doing it right" because I still had thoughts. Lots of them! However, the more I sought wisdom, I learned that the real purpose of meditation is not to turn off and tune out. It is to turn on and tune in to Self.

The quiet space between our thoughts is called the gap. Meditation is a way to get into this space.

According to ancient wisdom traditions, this space is the portal to the Infinite Mind. Some call it Spirit, God, Source, or maybe another name that is held sacred. In essence, this is your core consciousness.

In this sacred space between your thoughts we discover that it is a field of possibilities. It is a place that we can plant our intentions and manifest our desires, spontaneously.

This is truly what meditation is really all about. Expanding the gap between our thoughts so that we strengthen our divine connection, calm, clarity, and creativity.

Why Meditate?

Meditation is the loving act of becoming present and in touch with your feelings, your emotions, and your thoughts. In essence, it is to become a compassionate witness to yourself and to discover and embody the peace that surpasses all understanding. When we are in the space, we connect with our Self and create our world with intentions.

Who is Meditation For?

Anyone. Anyone who is ready and willing to pause, breathe, and be.

Where to Meditate?

Any place you choose where you feel safe and will not be disturbed. Some of my favorite places to meditate are in the shower, my wellness room, or a walk in nature.

When to Meditate?

To align with our body's natural quieter rhythms, mornings and evenings may resonate with you. Our bodies divinely know how to be still when we create the opportunity for it to do so.

How Long to Meditate?

The benefits and effects of meditation are cumulative. We can set aside as little as 10 minutes a day to have a personal retreat and nourishment through meditation. As your daily meditation practice expands and evolves, you'll be able to extend your time. Meditation philosophers say that 30 minutes twice a day is a sweet spot.

Now with this in mind, are you ready to begin or enhance your meditation practice?

I send you loving energy on your journey. May you lovingly connect with yourself on a deeper level.



Schan Ellis Robinson is an Author, Meditation Guide, and Spiritual Life Coach who teaches women how to exhale by connecting with, healing, and nourishing herself through daily practices of stillness, meditation, and breathwork.


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