Be Willing to DO A NEW THING!  

Grow. Heal. Love. Live Better.  





The Program that gently guides you on a Naked and Necessary Journey to 

Reconnect to Divine Spirit, Restore Inner Balance, and Reclaim Your Gifts of Womanhood.


What is "Naked and Necessary" (verb):

A way of being that supports you in self-exploration, discovering possibilities, embracing and 

living as your authentic self- the way God intended for you to live.


                                                                        Do you struggle with knowing who you are and what your life purpose is?  Are you                                                                                    constantly putting others' needs before your own?  Do you find it difficult to speak up                                                                              and express your feelings so you push them down instead?  Or maybe you are just sick                                                                          and tired of being sick and tired but don't know how to begin to move to the next step? 

                                                                        If you answered yes to any of the questions above, The Art of BEING WOMAN program is                                                                          a great way for you to get clear about who you are, what you want, and get the tools                                                                                and skills to create the life you desire.  


                                                                       Listen, Sisters, I am a woman whose mission is to support other women in reconnecting f                                                                      first to their spiritual power and identity.  This is the foundation that will support you in                                                                           moving beyond the limitations of where you are to start living life in a more empowering                                                                         way!



What sets The Art of BEING WOMAN apart is that I have embarked upon my own journey of BEING WOMAN and continue to use my natural abilities as a certified Spiritual Life Coach, along with my supernatural ability to tap into the divine essence of you are.  It is from this place that true transformation happens.

From a loving space of creating a sacred sisterhood, I proudly accept that I am more than my sister's keeper, I am my sister.  It is from this space that I offer a “four-level alignment” focused approach with my sisters by holistically guiding them in the areas of learning, healing, loving and living better from the inside out. I believe that by aligning who we are with what we think, how we feel, and what we do, which is our personal integrity, we can begin to see the correlation of our inner well-being to our outer experiences. Seeing ourselves at all levels supports us in taking ownership, responsibility, and accountability in making healthier and wiser life choices.  It gives us the courage to speak our truth, stand in our truth, and share the gift of our truth with the world.


When we know who we are, we show up in the world as powerful women!


In coaching with Schan, it is her intention to support you in:

  • Seeing Yourself As A Divine Powerful Being,

  • Shifting Your Mind to Interrupt Limiting Thought Patterns,

  • Healing Yourself From Negative Emotions, and

  • Navigating Life by Tapping Into Your Power, Passion, and Purpose!



"I was afraid to feel the pain that had me stuck and not able to get off my emotional roller coaster. From my very first session with you, I was able to tap into the source of my pain and for the first time in years, feel empowered.  I am still a work in progress, but with your support, I am able to now do the work."  ~ L. Stewart

"I was invited to the BEING WOMAN group coaching program.  At, first I was skeptical but decided to stay to the end.  I was so glad I did!  In each session, I learned something about myself and gained the tools I needed to jumpstart my life.  I felt safe to share in a community of other women who I now call my sisters."  ~ D. Talbert

If you want to see a transformation in your life, you must get clear about what it is that you want to change.

If I asked you right now, what is it that you really, REALLY want?  What would your answer be? 

I'm here to support YOU by facilitating healing, intentional living and holding you to your highest vision possible!

You have GREATNESS within you.

The Art of BEING WOMAN™ Coaching Conversations 

will provoke you to TAKE OFF THE MASKS and TELL THE TRUTH, so that you can begin living life



To can begin the journey of transforming your life today with a

self-investment of $499 at the BEST SAVINGS price.


In this 6 week program, you'll receive (6) 45 Minute One on One Coaching Sessions,

assignments, accountability, and the affirmative guidance you need to breakthrough

and stand in the truth of who you are!



But FIRST, we must do the work!   

If you are ready to be equipped, encouraged, and inspired to:


  • Identify limiting beliefs and negative thoughts

  • Interrupt dishonoring patterns of behavior

  • Create a Vision, Intention, and Prayer for your life

  • Reconnect to your Spiritual Identity


then let's connect and begin our journey together.

Your NEXT Decision, Will Change Your DESTINY!

To meet Schan and to see if this program is the right fit for you, book your

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