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"“Courage is the most important of all the virtues because without courage,

you can't practice any other virtue consistently.” ~ Dr. Maya Angelou






























Publicly, I was a social butterfly.


Secretly I was spiritually, emotionally and mentally dying. I believed the lie I told myself years ago that I wasn’t good enough and I needed to over promise or over commit myself in order to be loved. I didn’t want to rock the boat or risk being rejected so I never established boundaries with people or utilized my power of saying no. Every time I was hurt, disappointed, sad or angry, instead of expressing it, I buried it.


Trust. Buried emotions do not die. They thrive!


Like many of you, I muted myself and wore a smile (my mask of choice) to cover up unresolved issues and negative emotions, as a way, I thought, was protecting myself. That didn't work out well for me!


When those buried emotions exploded, it caused me to act out in inappropriate ways. By doing my own inner work, I explored why I was afraid of rejection and why I felt not good enough. It is my vision to share my experience and the tools and skills I used on my journey of self-discovery and truth telling!


I am manifesting that vision NOW through the COURAGEOUS VOICES Project!


In this anthology, I share my personal story along with tools, strategies, and steps I took to unlock my COURAGE and FULLY operate in my AUTHENTIC AUTHORITY!



As a life coach, now I support women in BEING COURAGEOUS in their own journey of learning, healing and living better lives!







Are you a Woman who has unlocked

her superpower and is is COURAGEOUS

to share here story? This anthology will

be a demonstration of sisters joining

together, telling through truth, and

inspiring the sister whose reading to do

the same!


Every contributor who registers will

receive a BE Courageous™ coaching



I will be with you every step of the way.










To be a contributor there is a small investment of $99


This investment will cover all publishing details including

* Professional Book Cover Design 

* Comprehensive Editing of Your Story 

* A Personalized Promotional Graphic, and a 

* BE Courageous™ coaching session to support you in pulling out your story,

in which YOU keep the rights to! 


If you are READY to join a amazing community of courageous women, complete your registration by clicking the image below.  Once you're registered, you'll receive an official welcome letter and the next steps on this awesome journey!


Come on, let's get started!





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