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There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you ~ Mama Maya Angelou,
"I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings," 1969.

Write to Heal Private Coaching

Learn to harness the power of somatic writing to support you on your healing journey!

What is Somatic Writing?

This sacred practice is a body-centered creative process to support you in writing, embracing, speaking, and integrating your story. 


Through guided meditation, movement, and mantra, our time together in the process is intimate and an experiential way to help you tap into the stories you've held in your body. The soul is inspired to heal and transform you as you write and share them.

This somatic writing process allows you to unmute your voice, empowers the flow of words from your heart to pen, and prepares you to offer your story in service to yourself, to others, and if you so choose,  the world.  


Beloved, know this.  You are not alone, and what you have healed and transformed your life from, another soul is waiting to hear and be guided to her own healing, truth, and divine discovery.   

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Oftentimes, our emotions can come fast and furious. Life is a continuous cycle and if we do not create the space to pause, and process those emotions, they get buried.  


As you have triggering experiences, those emotions start bubbling up to the surface.  Soon, an explosion happens. All of those buried emotions and trapped energy escapes!

Somatic Writing

can support you in moving away from pinning up emotions, to processing emotions in a healthy, healing, transforming way.

Experience your pain. Embrace your silence. When the time feels right, find your way back to your words -- and write.”

Sandra Marinella, The Story You Need to Tell: Writing to Heal from Trauma, Illness, or Loss

Write to Heal is a deep soul inspired writing journey
that explores each area of the 7 Level Healing Path 
Know Yourself
See Yourself
Be Yourself
Accept Yourself
Trust Yourself
Honor Yourself
Appreciate Yourself

This 3-month writing journey explores foundational principles and introduces you to a
learning formula that can be applied to every experience of your life.  


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What You Will Get From Your Writing Journey:

1.  A  profound call to rest, stillness, and simply being in your body. 


2. A foundation for evaluating and understanding your own personal growth and healing process.


3. Through embodied practices, you'll begin to recognize and acknowledge challenging beliefs and behaviors that are essential to the creation or re-creation of "your world."


4. A resource of principles that provide a structure to transform your beliefs, thought patterns, and behaviors to free any emotionally stuck energy to live life more freely. 


5. A wealth of spiritual tools, practices, customized prompts and assignments that gently move you from your head to your heart.

6. A non-judgmental approach to addressing personal difficulties and challenges with self-compassion, inner cooperation, and radical forgiveness.  


7.  A raw, authentic, unscripted book that is a reflection of your inspired soul and a demonstration of your powerful and sacred healing work.



Here are a few Write to Heal success stories from women I've worked with and supported in writing their stories from a place of healing and transmuting pain into power.  Check out their works!

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Shanae Artis - This is Not My Life.jpeg
Isa Farrington - Restore.jpeg

Who is this journey for?

This Healing Through Writing Journey
is for the Woman Who Is...

  • Ready to see into her soul and heal from that place  

  • Ready to release energy blocks and live more fully

  • Ready to get clear about her soul's calling

  • Ready to face a personal relationship shift

  • Ready to let go of unforgiveness and elevate her level of consciousness

  • Ready to release the words from her heart and tell her truth

  • Ready to share her story from a place of scar power rather than wound reactions

Ultimately, she is ready to remember the

Divine Truth of who she is! 

Healing is about taking responsibility and accountability for your life.
You have a WRITE to HEAL!

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