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Free the Words from Your Heart and

Release Your Legacy!

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That's where I come. As your Personal Writing Coach, I will help you pull out those stories and gain confidence to share them with the world.  From customized assignments, to private one on one personal sessions and more, I will help you to seamlessly bring ideas to paper and from paper to publishing.  I will guide you on how to "make your story beautiful."



with payment installments available.


This 90 day in depth coaching program will help you complete your manuscript and finally free the words from your heart and release your legacy to the world!  

The only person that's stopping you is YOU. Invest in yourself and click HERE to schedule your FREE Strategy Session with me.  Your JOURNEY begins now. Let's get started together!




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Hello, I'm Schan Ellis,
Your Personal Empowerment Coach


know that words have extraordinary power!  They INSPIRE.  They EMPOWER and they can CHANGE lives.  I also know first hand how digging deep and pulling out the story that's within you can positively affect so many people.  


When I first published Be Beautifully Inpired: A 90 Day Guide of Poems, Prayers, Articles and Affirmations to Inspire the Spirit, I knew what message I wanted to share and exactly what it was that I wanted my readers to take away.  That was, that they were inspired more than they were before they read it.


We all have a story to share.  In fact, most of us have MORE than one.  We all have something that we've learned along the way of life's most precious journey and surely we've learned from the experiences that we've encountered.  Maybe it's a new skill. Maybe it's how you've learned how to navigate business better.  Or possibly how you've overcome major setback in your life.  Whatever "your story" is, when you share, it CAN make a difference.

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