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Welcome to Integrity Ink Publishing.  We take writing seriously and want to help you release your best work.  We are excited about the Write Your Story Beautiful Signature Author Program. It a direct extension of our Be Beautifully Inspired Life's coaching and mentoring which we provide the unique LOVE sessions when you sign up for the Author Program.  The program is FUN, PURPOSE-FILLED and of course stamped with our INKED In Integrity guarantee.  Let's get started writing your story beautiful today!    

You've Got The Dream and The Desire. Now Is The Time To Free The Words From Your Heart, Release Your Legacy and Impact the World - With the Write Your Story Beautiful
Signature Author Program.

"Maya Angelou said it best that, “there is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.”


With this 12 week COMPREHENSIVE signature program, I will personally help guide you to effectively organize your thoughts and transform your ideas into a powerfully impacting book that you will be able to share and leave a mark with your message.

What makes the
“Write Your Story Beautiful” signature author program unique is that through spiritual life coaching we tap into the emotional core of your story and help guide you on the path to inspire your readers. Our program is designed to help you discover your beauty, unlock your greatness and release your power as an author. 

So what are the benefits in enrolling into the Write Your Story Beautiful program? 

Together, in the IMPACT systemWE will

1.  Develop strategies to get past blank pages and overcome writer’s block.


2.  Uncover secrets to staying focused, productive and motivated.

3.  Organize raw ideas into workable outlines.

4.  Develop the perfect plot to keep your reader turning the page.

5.  Receive 1:1 coaching sessions to help nurture you through the writing process.

6.  Discuss next step plans to get your book published and in the hands of your readers!

I designed Write Your Story Beautiful to be a high-quality, results-driven, interactive and most importantly fun program that gives you the framework, coaching and accountability you desire to help you stay focused and receive the encouragement and support needed to reach your goals.

Here's MORE of What You'll Get...

Your 1:1 coaching sessions will be via phone or video conferencing. These 1:1
coaching sessions are essential to helping you address or overcome any issues or problems you may face during the writing process. It will also be a motivation session where I’ll guide you through writing prompts and tasks that you will be assigned to accomplish. This allows for an energized and uplifting space for you to learn, receive the support and take continuous steps toward achieving your writing goals!

One of my biggest roles as your coach during this program is to keep you accountable.  It will be my responsibility to simplify what you have to do each week.  I do this with an “Action Item List” (AIL) after each session. This AIL is a  to-do list that summarizes every task you will need to focus on for the week . Simple. Straightforward. AND it doubles at keeping you both motivated and accountable!

As you are going through your coaching experience, it’s highly likely that you will find road blocks and feel stumped along the way. During these times, you’ve nothing to worry about, as I’m only an email or text message away. When you enroll in the Write Your Story Beautiful program, you will receive my private email and phone number.  My goal is to respond to all messages within 24 hours...

Will this program really work for me?

Of course it will!

It's all possible and easier than you think. I've successfully hosted writing challenges and workshops where participants were challenged, motivated and inspired to not only reach their writing goals but exceed them. I'm showing you the exact system I teach to my clients.

And you can expect the same results: get your manuscript written, become a successful “authorpreneur”, publish articles, secure speaking gigs and a lot more. Your book will open up doors and opportunities for you. However, it must get written and I'm looking foward to helping you to make it happen.

So how much is the Write Your story Beautiful Signature Author program? 

The cost for us to work together is ONLY $897 

(Installment payments available for you. Just ask!)




Your Investment is Worth Every Penny.

Here's what others are saying about the techniques and motivation I've used during my writing challenges and coaching sessions!

"I have really been inspired by Schan's attention to detail, support and encouragement to finally begin writing my story.  My story is a painful one and her style has strengthened my confidence."  ~ Diane Norfleet, Minister

"I've gotten more written this month than I have in a long time!  Just making it a priority and scheduling time has made a world of difference."  ~ Carmella Kelley, Writer


"It is never too late to start realizing your dreams and using your talents. I started this idea in a 30 day challenge with diva coach Schan B. Ellis. An idea turned into an Amazon best seller and now we are shooting the pilot for Misadventures of an Urban Nerd!" ~ Charles Easley, Writer at and Creative Loafing

This Program Isn't For Everybody!

It's only for you IF you are ...

READY TO FACE and overcome any fears of sharing your message;


DON'T MIND putting in the work to make your dreams come true; and if you


FINALLY want to get those ideas out of your head, the words out of your heart and  Write Your Story Beautiful! 


We offer THREE packages that are sure to fit your needs at whatever stage you are in the writing process.

If you are ready to leave an IMPACTFUL mark with your message, please join Write Your Story Signature Author Program TODAY!








INSIGHT is great for self starters on a tight budget.  In this package you will receive TWO 60 minute intense coaching sessions.  You will also gain access to our private Facebook group where you will continue to receive encouragement and motivation.


With INSIGHT, get the boost and accountability you need at an economical price!

INSPIRE is the ultimate package for writers who want to push through all limitations and take it a step further in becoming a published author.  With PRIME, you will receive all the perks of our IMPACT system, along with book editing, book cover design, AND book formatting for both digital and hard copy versions of your masterpiece. This comes with everything you'll need to have a complete manuscript ready for the printer and into the hands of your reader!


With INSPIRE, Reach your full potential with maximum return on your time and investment.

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