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 Divine order.


Meet Schan

Global meditation instructor, inspirational writer, spiritual teacher, healing guide, sensual movement mama, music lover, Being Woman philosopher.

Schan Robinson began her practice of meditation in early 2009 as a way to become more deeply connected to Divine Source.  It was during this time in her life where she felt a heaviness of religion and knew that there was something lighter, loving, and more liberating.  What she discovered was that meditation moved her to become more in tune with her Higher Self and to be in alignment with spirituality as well as the Source of All Creation Itself.  Through mindfulness and self-reflection, Schan was able to face and release some of her deepest fears, turn inward to self-love and awaken to her spiritual power.   


This path led her on an even more transforming journey of self-awareness, truth-speaking, and soul-awakening. She became a part of the Inner Visions Institute for Spiritual Development family, and personally taught, guided, and certified by Dr. Iyanla Vanzant, as a Spiritual Life Coach. It was there that Schan was introduced to the indigenous wisdom of elders and ancestors, along with holistic ways of being on a much deeper and sacred level.  Through her own inner work and healing process, Schan integrated the same spiritual laws, principles, and practices that she teaches today.


Schan Ellis Robinson

With a BS degree in Business Administration from Augusta University, Schan is the owner of Embrace Meditation™, an online sacred space and traveling studio that teaches mindfulness and meditation through breathwork, creative visualization, and journaling.  Schan is also creator of Art of BEING WOMAN™, a life philosophy that explores and celebrates every area of femininity through self-awareness, inner child work, breathing techniques, sensual movement, chakra energy healing, sound therapy (chanting & music), and stillness, in a gentle way to encourage women to live a liberated life with pleasure, peace, joy, and grace.


Schan is passionate about sharing spiritual principles and various forms of meditation while teaching others how to integrate them into life experiences that support us in creating calm, connection, and staying grounded.  Schan is also a writer who uses her love of words and meditation into numerous inspirational projects. Her latest is “BEING WOMAN ~ A Sacred Journey of Reconnecting to the Divine Truth of Who You Are!”, a book detailing her personal spiritual journey infusing prayer, meditation, energy healing, and breathing techniques, along with other teachings she holds near and dear to her heart, throughout the pages.

Throughout the year, Schan conducts BEING WOMAN Healing Sacred Circles, Group Meditation, along with facilitating yearly Art of BEING WOMAN, and meditation focused retreats.

Check out my blog journal articles, Youtube channel along with podcasts I've been featured in!

Ways To Journey With Me

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