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Hello, Beloved Sunshine.

Thank you for being here.


I am a Spiritual Life Coach + Meditation Guide + Inspired Writer

As a woman who has experienced the power of her own personal healing journey, I am honored to facilitate that journey for other women who are ready to awaken, heal, and transform their lives.  

I have always been called an "old soul" so it's no surprise that my practice is rooted in indigenous wisdom, daily rituals, and sacred rites of passage.

When I founded, The Art of BEING WOMAN, it was done in the spirit of recreating a community and celebrating sisterhood. I wanted to create a daily retreat and safe space where women could be vulnerable, honest, cry without holding back and heal with love and non-judgment.  I also wanted to create a space where we tap into our Divine Feminine Body, Mind, and Spirit. When we tap into this woman, we tap into her soul through sacred principles and practices. 


  In ancient days, Wise Women of the village would teach girls everything they needed to know about becoming a woman.


Unfolding into womanhood is a sacred event.

Unfolding into the fullness of woman takes time.

Being Woman is about telling the truth to ourselves about ourselves so that we 

Awaken, Heal, and Transform, then teach what we've learned to our daughters.


I create safe spaces for sacred connections by:

  • Offering Being Woman Healing Sacred Circles

  • Leading Workshops and Retreats

  • One on One Intuitive Guidance, Coaching, and Energy Clearing

  • Guiding Self-Awareness and Heart Healing Meditation

  • Teaching Healing Through Sacred Journaling and Soul Message Writing

 My intention is to support you by facilitating healing from within by sharing tools, principles, and practices to help you remember and stand in your sacred, succulent, and spiritually divine feminine self!  

I am available to work with you one on one or come teach holistic principles and practices at your next retreat, sacred circle or women's empowerment event. 

Contact me today and let's begin our journey together.


"When I Heal, Women Heal, The World Heals!"

BEING WOMAN is book of awakenin, self-healing, and transforming you life!

Have you ever wondered what life would be like if you could just stop the emotional pain of being in bad relationships year after year, going to a job that you don't really like, or being able to express yourself without fear?


It may sound nearly impossible, however, it is VERY POSSIBLE to transform your life and start living from a place of both PEACE and POWER! 


In fact, it's your Divine Right! 


Schan B. Ellis shares her powerful journey of courage to go deep within to uncover the masks, interrupt the lies and limiting beliefs she told herself, and to break the patterns of fear. 


On the Pathway of BEING WOMAN, 

Schan realigned her mind with Spirit, rediscovered her voice, and reconnected to the Divine Truth of who she is, a POWERFUL WOMAN!

Learn more about how you can grab a copy of this self-awareness and healing tool to add your collection. 



Healing + Story Writing

Intuitive Healing + Life Coaching to help you unlock the courage to share your story and express your authentic voice. 


Content + Scripts

I help coaches, counselors, healers, and heart-centered leaders and luminaries get their business content, blogging, and book writing work done.


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