Live Your Most Divine Life!

BEING WOMAN is book of awakenin, self-healing, and transforming you life!

being woman ~ self-healing & empowerment book for women 

Have you ever wondered what life would be like if you could just stop the emotional pain of being in bad relationships year after year, going to a job that you don't really like, or being able to express yourself without fear?


It may sound nearly impossible, however, it is VERY POSSIBLE to transform your life and start living from a place of both PEACE and POWER! 


In fact, it's your Divine Right! 


Schan B. Ellis shares her powerful journey of courage to go deep within to uncover the masks, interrupt the lies and limiting beliefs she told herself, and to break the patterns of fear. 


On the Pathway of BEING WOMAN, 

Schan realigned her mind with Spirit, rediscovered her voice, and reconnected to the Divine Truth of who she is, a POWERFUL WOMAN!

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In the stillness, we cultivate clarity, calm, and creativity! Meditation allows us to explore the deepest parts of ourselves with gentleness, face ourselves without judgement, and tap our inner wisdom to live a life of joy and pure bliss consciousness.


Reiki and Chakra resets and reconnects us to our own divine inner light.  When our chakras are

clear and aligned, we can experience balance, a deeper level of being grounded, an open heart to given and receive more love, as well as be able to express ourselves, while moving in the flow of life with ease and grace. 


Soul message writing gives you permission to go within and explore your experiences and their meaning for you and how you can move from pain to peace to impact. This kind of writing allows you to move through your own healing, releasing yourself from the victim story and start living your life on the other side of victory  Soul message writing is for you to keep in our journal or share your soul message with the world becoming a Courageous Voices author.  

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