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Remembering and reconnecting to the Divine Truth of who you are is a powerful act of vulnerability, courage, and healing, Through personal stories, practical tools, and spiritual principles, this interactive guide will support women on their journey of reconnecting to Source Energy, self-reflection, truth-telling, healing.

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A Sacred Journey of Reconnecting to the Divine Truth of Who You Are!

The Foundation of BEING WOMAN
consists of three essential parts...

Remembering Our Divine Identity

Remembering who we are and  integrating  tools to help us to stay connected is a powerful step on the path of healing.

Learning Spiritual Laws,
Principles, and Practices

Knowing how energy works and with Divine Law and Order will help you stay aligned with it.

Self Reflection and
Course Correction

When can see ourselves, honor ourselves, and accept ourselves, we can course correct at any time, with compassion and lovingkindness towards ourselves.

"It is important that our mind is connected to Divine Mind through a daily spiritual practice so that we will know, as well as trust, that we know when we are out of alignment. This knowing is a function of our inner guidance, our being, our soul, speaking to us."

"I pray that you connect, reflect, heal, and most of all, remember the Divine Truth of who you are on your journey of Being Woman"

~ Schan Ellis Robinson

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