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EXHALE: Private Pause Day Retreat

EXHALE: Private Pause Day Retreat


Welcome to your divine opportunity to pause, breathe, and connect with your inner being.  When we take the time to be still and rest, our clarity, intuitive power, creativity, and wellbeing is restored.


Exhale is your time to elevate your soul care. 


In this 1 hour immersion, rooted in stillness, self-reflection, and rest, together


we will journey with a practice of setting intentions.

coaching your to reframe your thoughts to align with your intention.

guided meditation and breath-work to help you exhale the energy that no longer serve you;

we will co-create a restorative plan that will sustain you in cultivating more peace, ease, and joy into your life! 


This retreat 1, one hour long live virtual session.  


This retreat will leave you with a sense of relaxation, renewal, rejuvenation!


One you complete your check out, be on the look out for a welcome email that includes a calander to schedule your retreat and how to prepare.  

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