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EXHALE: Private Guided Meditation Session

EXHALE: Private Guided Meditation Session


Meditation is a tool that supports tapping into your Divine Higher Self. Please selecct the guided meditation that most aligns with what matters to you most in this moment.


Chakra Meditation

A multi-step process as we move through the seven energy centers within our body, called chakras.  Through each chakra, I will support you in cleansing, clearing, and consecrating through imagery, affirmation, and empowering thought forms. When we do the healing work with our chakras, we also do the healing work with our emotional, mental, and physical well-being.   ‍

Embodiment Meditation

We manifest what we are a vibrational match for.  Through mantra and affirmation, you will be guided on a journey to raise your vibrational awareness and embody spiritual principles to manifest a life of calm, ease, joy, and your desires.   

Sound Meditation

Primordial sounds through your own voice support you in moving from stress to stillness.  These sounds (mantras) help you to reach a heightened state of awareness and connect you back home with yourself.  Being at home to yourself is the place to be filled with peace, ease, joy, and infinite possibilities.  

Sensual Meditation

Awakening sensuality by turning on and tuning into our five senses to practice full presence and an elevated level of self-care. Guided by imagery, descriptive language, and an emphasis on non-sexual self-touch, this meditation sets an intention to support you in connecting with and in your body.

Yoga Nidra Meditation  

This restorative session will lead you into deep rest effortless relaxation of the mind and body.  This practice incorporates guided meditation with balanced breathwork to help you create harmony and peace within.  In a state of harmony and rest, we can be healed, restored, and awakened to our most authentic, all-knowing, all-welcoming selves.   

Personalized Session

Looking to work on something specific? Personalized sessions are customized to your specific needs.


I look forward to supporting you on your inner wellness, soul-inspired journey!

  • Booking Details

    Receive 30 minutes of personal, one on one, guided meditation via Zoom to inspire calm, inner peace, harmony, and alignment.

    Once you have completed your purchase, you will receive a welcome email with important information and a link to schedule your session.  

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