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I Rock My Curves the Best

Hey Sunshines!

Taking the hour and a half drive up from Fayetteville to Raleigh, NC for the I Rock My Curves the Best (IRMC) model casting call, I didn’t know what to expect. My initial purpose was to actually audition, you know, to rock my curves, however the day before, I decided to pull double duty and capture this curvy goodness on the blog.

Intentionally I was the first model to arrive and was greeted by two of the IRMC staff, Montravon LaTise and Sasha Dior. As soon as I stepped into the studio of James Ward Fotography, it felt familiar; like family in a sense. As I began speaking with the two ladies, showing myself friendly, I quickly realized that the sisterhood I had read about was real. It was authentic. With my back towards the door in the conference room, I began to fill out my registration form and name tag. When I turned around, there was this big smile and personality waiting to give me one of the greatest hugs ever. It was none other than the visionary herself, Ms. Kenyatta Johnson, the curvy diva! Just as her staff, she welcomed me with opened arms, literally, then introduced me to her panel and gave me her blessing to do what I do.

Women’s acceptance of their curves, are the most powerful part of living…I’m thankful God provided me with the vision and passion to empower women.” Kenyatta Johnson

Most of my time was spent observing Kenyatta and her panel, Purusha Jones (Ms. Full Figured North Carolina Pageant Director) and Athena Ellis Chamblee in action, interviewing women who came from all over NC, as far as Robeson County, NC (and I thought I drove far!) In between observing, I had a chance to mingle with the model hopefuls and was impressed that they were from many different walks of life, including ages, sizes, and cultural background but all with the same common goal; EMBRACING THE CURVES.

I wanted to know more about who this woman was and why people were being drawn to IRMC. In just a couple of hours of observation, chatting and email conversations, I got my answer!

Schan: What was the motivation to create I Rock My Curves The Best?

Kenyatta: In August of last year, I decided that I was going to produce a fashion show. I really wanted to show off the curves of beautiful women, but little did I know what would happen in the process. It became more than just a fashion show, but rather relationships were built and a sisterhood was born. Our mission is to change the perception about curves while promoting self-love and curvy confidence.

Schan: There is no denying that you rock your plus sized curves with style and grace. Have you always been this confident? Kenyatta: Being plus sized has been the story of my life. Growing up kids teased me about my weight, but I knew that I was beautiful because my family affirmed that. However, even in that, being that I struggled with weight, at times, confidence in me was low. But for as long as I can remember I was confident that I was blessed to help heal others. So I took the focus off myself and focused more on my purpose. Doing that expanded my own personal confidence level. These days, I’m reading a 10 on the confidence meter!

Schan: Plus sized or curvy models have not always been welcomed in the fashion world or by society’s beauty standards. Do you see that changing?

Kenyatta: It has changed and will continue to evolve. Big girls are winning right now. We are in the media, television and movies. Funny thing is we have always been winning behind closed doors. The outside is just now being given a front row seat into our world!

Wow…And there you have it! That was a sneak peek into my interview with this POWERhouse! You can read the full story, in the upcoming release of Swank Fashion and Lifestyle Magazine’s March 2015 issue release. I don’t know about you, but I’m looking forward to more from this awesome new wave in the curvy movement! I have my membership and am ready to set sail on the “curveship” which is already, in the words of Earth, Wind and Fire, a Fantastic Voyage! Be sure to catch up with the IRMC movement online and check out the amazing photos captured below by JuJu’s Photography at the IRMC “after casting call” photo shoot! Super curvylicious!

Until next time Sunshine Nation, remember to CREATE each day INTENTIONALLY GOOD and Be Beautifully Inspired!



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