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Inspirational | Whether HIS Notes, Cliff’s Notes, or Your Notes, YOU MUST APPLY!

Hey Sunshines!

Sitting in church, I have written notes from the sermon on many occasions. I was excited about the word coming forth and on fire to change! After the sermon ended and the benediction given, I neatly folded the paper filled with notes and scriptures galore and placed inside the pages of my Bible….never to be seen or read ever again! Now I couldn’t be the only one who has done this injustice to myself! Well, ok, maybe you hadn’t done that, but what about going to a motivational conference, taking notes from the dynamic speakers, collecting brochures, business cards and the like. Then placing all those good resources into your conference bags, put them in the back of your closet and never look at it again? That is until you find yourself cleaning out the closet later and throwing all those papers collected over the years in the trash. Hadn’t done that either? Well read a little further because we’ve ALL done this. In our immaturity, when going through trials in life, setbacks or mistakes, we sometimes don’t learn the lesson God has presented and find ourselves making the same mistake, having the same setback or experiencing the same trial over and over again. Both of my hands just went up on that one! Oftentimes this happens because the notes that were spoken loudly to us during this season or storm, we never wrote them down or if we did recognize the notes, we didn’t study them nor apply them to our lives! If we don’t apply the word, apply the instructions given, apply the knowledge learned and develop the wisdom to pass the next test when it comes, then we are destined to repeat the course. It’s sad both in the natural and the spiritual realm when a 20 year old continues to be kept back in the 2nd grade. It makes me proud when I complete a course with good grade point average. So is it with God when we pass the tests that come in our lives. Next time notes are given don’t tuck them way in places you NEVER go (in random pages of your Bible, in the back of your closets or in the back of your minds). Instead, in this moment make a commitment to study and apply them to your life so that you may graduate with good grades, then become a mentor and tutor for someone else!

Until next time, remember to CREATE each day INTENTIONALLY GOOD and Be Beautifully Inspired!



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