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Health and Wellness | Schan Gets Fit: Take Sixteen!

Hey Sunshines,

So today I start my weight loss and wellness journey, YET AGAIN! I know I’m not alone when it comes to the “I’ll start my diet Monday” routine…Lol…Trust me, take sixteen is an UNDER exaggeration. However, although I can laugh at myself, I can also encourage myself to get trying. So this is MY latest endeavor in doing so.

This time, I’ve decided to get some FIRM accountability. I hired a personal trainer, Lori Parker Saunders with Masse Fitness in Fayetteville, to not only hold me accountable with exercise, but she also prepared for me a customized meal plan and structure for my NEW journey. There were several weight loss programs I looked into before deciding to go with Total Life Changes, the company that makes the Iaso products and is used by Lori in her fitness groups. I chose this program because 1) I was able to eat a whopping 1200 calories per day. NOT the strict 500 calories like some of the other options. I don’t do too well with limitations. The ONLY restrictions I do have for the first 30 days are no white carbs and sugars, which are not so good for the body anyway. 2) The Iaso products are touted to offer a unique blend of all natural products. and 3) I’ve actually witnessed great results on OTHER Total Life Changes users.

My first directive was to take a cleanse/laxative the night before. I chose Mag 07 and purchased it from The Vitamin Shoppe. I learned about this product from the 10 Day Green Smoothie Cleanse book I purchased last year. Mag 07 is a vegan blend of herbs and unsweetened, gluten and lactose free.

On the first day the program, the Resolution Drops are introduced. These drops state that you can lose up to 30lbs in 30 days. Ok. Stop right there! I admit, I am such a skeptic when it comes to “lose weight quick” programs. I had tried all of them before and while some of them did work, I gained ALL the weight back, PLUS MORE! My trainer emphatically promised that this was different. I am so looking forward to the review on this product at the end of 30 days…(smile)

On this journey, I am definitely going to be vulnerable here on the blog. Below are BEFORE pictures dated 06012015. I hadn’t decided if I’m going to be ALL THE WAY vulnerable and post my weight but we shall see! Lol…I will be posting body changes, any physiological changes, etc. My goal is to provide an experience that will INSPIRE you or someone you love to GET FIT TOO!

So all who are willing and able, come join me on this fitness journey! My desire is to be healthy and live well. If I want to see CHANGE, I have to BEGIN with me…Let’s do this together!!!!

Until next time, remember to CREATE each day INTENTIONALLY GOOD and Be Beautifully Inspired!



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