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Your Monday Morning Motivational Moment | Be Patient in the Process

I love Motivational Mondays because they are another opportunity to motivate not just the masses, but also the neighbor next door, the co-worker in the office, the child at the grocery store, or more importantly YOU, the one whose reading this right now. Many times, we plant seeds (positive thoughts, financial investments, goals towards growing our business, etc) and they seem to take forever to produce any thing. In those times, we get frustrated because we've done the sowing but have not done the reaping. Trust me I've been there. However, I've learned in those times of waiting that we must be patient and trust the process. Keep setting and completing goals; continue having and speaking positive thoughts and don't despise the small beginnings. Soon your buds will bloom and you'll begin to experience the wonderful manifestation of GREATNESS. Be Motivated and go BIG on this Monday! Sincerely,