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Make Your Story Beautiful | EmpowHERed Woman: Andrea Richardson | “NuSol is not just about natural

Hey Sunshines,

When I first met Andrea, it was actually through Facebook, later graduating to getting to know each other over the phone. I was interested in her considering my blogging services for her upcoming NuSol Natural Hair Expo event and was thrilled when she offered me to be a part of her phenomenal social media team. She had such an awesome personality that I felt proud being able to support her dream. Finally, the day of the event, we met in person and her charm was 10 times greater! I saw the hard work, dedication and commitment she had placed into such a massive event. An event that was first her vision, then a dream realized. I knew she would be the perfect woman to highlight for our blog series, “EmpowHERing Women who EMPOWER Women!”

Andrea is a Champlain. Minister. Wife and Mother. She is Bold. Daring and is indeed an EmpowHERing Woman. Read along to learn more about Andrea as she continues to Make Her Story Beautiful.

The Interview

Schan: What was your motivation in creating Nusol Natural Hair and Beauty Expo?

Andrea: Simply, it was going through my own natural hair journey. It’s ironic that I didn’t know how to do my own natural hair and I needed education. I figured that if I needed it, there were many others who were in my same position.

Schan: I can tell that you are very passionate about what you do. What does passion mean to you and how do you use it to grow your business?

Andrea: Passion comes from the love of women and my heart to minister to them. NuSol is not just about natural hair. It’s really about enlightenment, encouragement, and inspiration. It’s about sharing God with everyone.

Schan: The Nusol Natural Hair and Beauty Expo definitely has an undeniable theme of empowerment. Did it organically become this over time or was it intentional from the very start?

Andrea: This was the intention. Foremost, I am a believer; a Christian who believes in putting God in the midst of everything I do. I wanted to create an event that would help someone else. We need to use this as a platform; the seminars, entertainment, poetry, children, everyone should be inspired.

Schan: I agree wholeheartedly that when we are able to inspire, we should take full of advantage to do just that. Now that we know how you inspire, what makes you Beautifully Inspired?

Andrea: A love for people and helping others. I always ask myself, “how can I figure out how to love, embrace and help someone today”. If we continue to ask that question, it would be easier for us as a human race.

Schan: If you could think of ONE word that describes you, what would it be and why?

Andrea: Ambition. Sometimes ambition gets the best of me. I dream BIG! Once I begin, there is no stopping until I’ve made it happen. My Grandfather years ago used to drink heavily and when I was teen he said to me, “You aint neva gonna do nothing or be nothing." Hearing those words, I made the decision that I was going to show him that I'd do well in life. I said to myself, “So what I’m a teenage mother. So what I don’t have a lot of money. I’m going to be successful.” Those negatives pushed me so far. And I thank God that my Grandfather turned out to be a different man after he stopped drinking until his death.

Schan: Wow that was an awesomely powerful story. I’m happy to be a witness that you’ve come this far by faith and action. Aside from that, what is your greatest life lesson?

Andrea: Even though I love big, I can become vulnerable. The greatest lesson I’ve learned is being wise about who you share things with. Everybody won’t be your cheerleader.

Schan: You've set a great example about making dreams a reality. What advice would you give readers in stepping out on faith and following their dreams?

Andrea: Just do it! Don’t wait for nobody. Just start with a name and a logo and go from there. Paint your picture around that name and logo. Don’t talk about it no more. Stop talking about what you’re going to do. Just do it!

*I chuckled as I was editing this question. She was serious and I could imagine all of her expressions and head rolls as she was giving this advice!*

I had such a great time speaking with Andrea and learning about her passion and intent, not just for NuSol, but for people and life in general. I do believe that every Empowering Woman has a heart to give. When asked, what charity she wants her readers to know more about and to support, it was the Durham Crisis Response Center. The Center works with the community to end domestic and sexual violence through advocacy, education, support and prevention. For more information about the organization, please visit their website, Also please make sure to visit and like NusSol Natural Hair and Beauty on Facebook to stay up on the happenings on this mega movement!

Until next time, remember to CREATE each day INTENTIONALLY GOOD and Be Beautifully Inspired!