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One Word Can Change Your Life. What's Yours?

Hello Beloved Sunshines, I was first introduced to the life changing One Word Project by Coach Billie C with Inspirational Strength. I wanted to know more about this project so I joined the One Word online community on Facebook and was simply blown away. One word truly can change your life. Here's a brief overview of how One Word can change your life. "What if one thing could improve your life in incredible ways? What if One Word could mean the difference between repeated failure and new found success? Each year, resolutions are rarely kept and goals are easily forgotten. But One Word sticks. By living a single word that embodies the essence of your life at this moment, you'll find renewed purpose and meaning throughout the year...and discover how to harness the transformational power of your One Word."

As we go into the new year, what is one word that YOU will focus on and find your renewed purpose? My word for 2016 is YES. I will be coming out of my comfort zone even MORE. In 2015, I've said NO to many opportunities because it required me to stretch way past a level I felt comfortable going. For 2016, I'm making it My Year of YES and will stretch to a new level of success and fulfillment! Right now, I'm opening my digital doors to being an accountability partner. If you'd like to share, respond to this email with your word and I'll personally check with you and keep you focused on discovering the transforming power of your commitment. Let's do this together! Remember YOU have the POWER to CREATE each day INTENTIONALLY GOOD and to Be Beautifully Inspired!

Be Motivated and go BIG on this Monday! Sincerely,

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