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Shake It Off!

Hey Sunshines!

Here's a bit of personal transparency. Earlier this morning in the middle of completing a project, preparing for a conference call and an unexpected meeting shortly after, I get a message that a chapter I edited over the weekend had not been received. I was starting to get frustrated, not at the process but because I was handling one thing after the next without a reprieve.

I shared with the publisher how I was feeling and her response was, "Welcome to the world of publishing. I intentionally have to remain calm and in good spirits. No biggie, just text me and I'll insert it. This is a no frustration zone."

There will be times when we will get frustrated, disappointed, out of balance or whatever the case may be. It's life and it hapoens. However, just one thing can be said that will make you shake it off and realize that truly "it's no biggie". We can all be that person who says that one that helps someone else to #shakeitoff! Thanks Carla R. Cannon of Cannon Publishing for being the one today!


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