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Heal a Woman. Heal a Nation. | "We have always been the examples, leaders, teachers and healers

I am a firm believer that much of the disparities, dis-ease, dis-comfort and dis-cord in the health of this world can be eradicated if we could just heal the women. Everything begins with us in the community and in all honesty much of it also ends with us. Although we don’t fertilize the “egg”,we carry it, nurture it and give birth to it. Every human being that has ever been born has had to pass through the womb of a woman; and MOST every human being has at some point in their lives looked to a woman for guidance, direction, nurturing and healing. “Denise, are you saying that women are responsible for the “health” of the world?” In part, yes I am. Women we are the Mama birds and most of us are still “Mothering” long after our birdies leave the nest. However, because of the construction of this modern day microwave society we may or may not be “mothering” in the same way that others did who came before us. We have become indoctrinated into a society where processed and fast foods have replaced home cooked meals, video games have replaced outdoor recreation and stress has replaced peace of mind. Our families have ailments that are a direct result of our diets and many of us take them to the doctor, get the medicine and never take the time to assume the position of “WOMAN”, Healer of the Household. Our households are infected with Diabetes, Obesity, High Blood Pressure, Heart Dis-ease and various cancers; all of which we can prevent, improve or eliminate if we’d just take a moment to change both our minds and our methods.

First let’s start with our minds. Your household takes on the energy and spirit of the “Mother”. If the Mother is peaceful, kind spirited, attentive, positive and loving; most likely the “household” will have a loving energy. If the Mother is stressed, negative, complaining, self-absorbed and gossipy; most likely the household will have a “heavy” energy. Holistic Health begins in the “MIND” and ALL spark of loving healing energy must start there. Unhealthy minds normally have unhealthy habits.

Next let’s look at this “Holistic Health Movement”. There can never be ANY health movement without “body” movement. Again, our bodies are created perfectly; they are to move, move and move; otherwise there will be no movement. Our families need to see us excited about movement whether it’s dancing, roller skating, walking, or throwing the ball in the yard. We have to make health a priority; JUST as much a priority as getting our hair and nails done and even our careers. Without your body health your career is soon to be a non-issue.

Finally, do you eat chemically induced foods? When we are allowing our families to live off convenience foods (fast food, processed foods, excessive animal foods and microwave dinners) we are doing them a dis-service. We have totally removed ourselves from assisting them with “good health” habits. Again if your family is dis-eased you are partially responsible. The Mother is normally the person responsible for the “meals”. Your family will eat what you fix as long as it is tasty. When someone in your household is diagnosed with dis-ease it is YOUR responsibility to go in like the clean up crew to do everything in your power to reverse it. However, in order for them to respect it, you have to be in the action of healthy eating yourself.

We have always been the examples, leaders, teachers and healers. Why stop now?

When the Women of the world heal, the rest of the world will have no choice but to follow. You will heal, your children will heal and your mates will heal; thus healing your household and all generations to follow. The healing starts in our minds and radiates to body and soul. Let’s get busy and let the healing begin!

Denise Tucker is a wife, mother, sister, friend, activist, modern day alchemist and love personified. She is also a Usui and Karuna Reiki Master however in the community, she is known as the "Juice Mama". Her cold pressed juice made with organic, locally grown fruits and vegetables, is authentic, uniquely blended and infused with her special kind of sunshine. She and her husband, Artist Baruti Tucker are owners of Humanitree House and Humanitree House Art Gallery in Augusta, GA where they serve vegan dishes, organic juice blends, beautiful art and positve vibes.

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